Olympic and Paralympic Values – What Have They Ever Done For Us?

As an antidote to an increasingly narrow curriculum, Park House School in Newbury adopted the Olympian values of the Get Set programme for its extra – curricular learning. It has transformed the outlook of the pupils towards those less fortunate than they are, explains Derek Peaple.

Readers of a certain age – or with a particular taste in comedy – will almost certainly remember an iconic scene from the 1979 Monty Python Film, ‘The Life of Brian’. In it, members of The People’s Front of Judea debate what “benefits” their Roman oppressors have brought them, ironically concluding, “All right – but apart from the sanitation… the medicine… education… wine… public order… Irrigation… the roads… The fresh water system… And public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?”  It’s with an equal sense of irony that I therefore now pose a similarly phrased question to shape reflections on the impact of distinctive extra-curricular programmes at Park House School in Newbury; a programme that is both based on – and aims to amplify – the Olympic and Paralympic values of Excellence, Inspiration, Courage, Determination, Friendship, Respect and Equality. 

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