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Teaching Climate Change And Bio-Diversity

Sue Lyle introduces the Climate Change Curriculum! - A special edition of Creative Teaching and Learning that responds to the legitimate concerns of children that the next big crisis, larger and more destructive than Covid 19, is the destruction of our environment


Can White People Ever Emotionally Understand The Impact of Racism?

Sue Lyle, a teacher trainer for over 20 years has struggled to understand racism and to give would-be teachers a small insight into what it feels to be child from a BAME community. Understanding white privilege and the power of fiction have helped, she says.


BBC’s Bitesize Daily is not the solution to the Covid crisis

Count von Count, the friendly, maths-loving vampire on Sesame Street might be many children’s maths entry-point, but the character is rarely described as a substitute maths teacher. Video, whether online or on TV, is fundamentally a one-way medium. While there is certainly value in using TV programmes as an educational aid, they are no substitute for a teacher.


Grasping the opportunities of the digital age

More than any other initiative Apps for Good has probably been responsible for getting girls to engage with technology.


Flipping Schools : Now Is The Time To Turn Schools Inside Out

Malcolm Groves and John West-Burnham, authors of ‘Flipping Schools,’ urge a radical re-think to school improvement, one that offers a culture of community and equality

Learning to Learn to be Back at School Week

13th July 2020

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