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Rescuing A Generation At Risk From Covid and Exclusions

A project at Lyng School In Coventry, which has 50 per cent of its children on free school meals, has shown remarkable success in keeping all its children engaged during the lockdown. Sonia Blandford describes the project and argues that it should be rolled out across the country.


The do’s and don’ts of remote learning – How AI works and what it brings to the table

Dr Sara de Freitas, executive director of education at Wey Education, providers of InterHigh, the online school, shares her advice on retaining and refining the advantages we have all experienced from online, blended learning during Covid-19.


The GCSE And A Level Results Will Just Not Be Fair!

The new exam results based on a system of teacher expectations and school benchmarking, will not be accurate or fair to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, argues Professor Nicola Ingram


Teaching Climate Change And Bio-Diversity

Sue Lyle introduces the Climate Change Curriculum! - A special edition of Creative Teaching and Learning that responds to the legitimate concerns of children that the next big crisis, larger and more destructive than Covid 19, is the destruction of our environment


Can White People Ever Emotionally Understand The Impact of Racism?

Sue Lyle, a teacher trainer for over 20 years has struggled to understand racism and to give would-be teachers a small insight into what it feels to be child from a BAME community. Understanding white privilege and the power of fiction have helped, she says.

Online Professional Learning Courses In A Time Of Covid-19

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Climate Curriculum - Free Special Issue!

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