Colleges forced by budget cuts to promote ‘popular low-value courses’ Ofsted says

A lack of government funding for sixth forms and colleges is prompting principals to prioritise courses just to get “bums on seats” rather than helping pupils’ future prospects, Ofsted says.

State Sixth Form Beating the Oxbridge Odds

A state sixth form college with a large number of students attracting Pupil Premium funding has achieved 41 Oxbridge offers, placing them on a par with top private schools.

Food for Life and Jamie Oliver campaigning healthy rating scheme

Food for Life are joining Jamie Oliver in campaigning for the introduction of a healthy rating scheme in schools. In a recent episode of Jamie and Jimmie’s Friday Night Dinner, the pair visited a primary school in East London to see the inspiring work they do to help keep pupils healthy.

Malnourished children are taking food from school bins to stifle hunger, headteacher says

Malnourished children are arriving at school so hungry they are taking food out of the bins, a headteacher says.

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i-WIGT Instructional Video

Teachers can reflect on their own practice and review their peers through the mentoring tool i-WIGT (What Is Good Teaching).



Leading Learning in a World of ‘Whitewater’

Jane Reed believes we are living in unprecedented turbulent times and doubts whether we are equipping current and forthcoming generations of children to meet the big challenges sufficiently. She describes a project which sought to restore the primary focus on learning, provides a set of core practices, and explores the professional development implications.

The Ten Commandments of creative leadership

After a brief encounter with a Harvard Business School book, Jude Brigley put on a (metaphorical) beard and flowing robes and wrote her own commandments of good leadership.

For the love of learning: Lessons from an international school in Hong Kong

Good GCSE results are just a byproduct of the learning journey at Island School in Hong Kong. Vicky Hill reports on this international school’s groundbreaking curriculum for Years 9, 10 and 11, which sees teachers share their passions in exciting courses on art, marine biology, drama, business and more.

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Creative Computing Encouraging Artistry and the Freedom to Fail

BAFTA Young Game Designer Mentor Award winner Dave Chilver shares his principles for how to keep creativity at the core of computer science classes. He highlights how leaving room for mistakes and ‘failure’ helps students access their creative impulses.

Diversifying Game Design and Inspiring the Next Generation

BAFTA’s gaming initiative is allowing young people to immerse themselves in the creative process of game design and development and supports the passion and dedication of teachers and students. Tim Hunter, Director of Learning and New Talent, discusses some of the highlights of the programme.

Gaming it up

Challenge your students to develop their design skills and stimulate their inner strategist with these online resources and apps for the classroom.

Innovating with Minecraft

Games and learning scholar Seann Dikkers sits down with teachers who use Minecraft in their classroom to learn about how innovative teachers think and design.
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i-WIGT Instructional Video

Teachers can reflect on their own practice and review their peers through the mentoring tool i-WIGT (What Is Good Teaching).
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