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Healthy Schools, Healthy Children?

This is the first major Ofsted survey on the broader aspects of health and well–being of pupils since the introduction of the Every Child Matters agenda. It covers the school ethos, the curriculum, food and drink, PE and school sport, lifelong health messages and barriers to improvement. Folder: Leadership Briefings Issue 11

Creative Teaching & Learning

What if heaven is full?

Joanna Haynes and Karin Murris start our series of articles on questioning with a plea for greater attention to students’ questions.

Special Needs

Safeguarding children with autism

All children need safeguarding, but providing the best care for a child on the autistic spectrum requires a specialist approach. Dr Mitzi Waltz highlights some of the issues particular to children with autism, and what schools can do to successfully manage them.


Upping the Ante on Teacher Training: The Virtual Classroom That’s Just for Teachers

Accessibility to VR technology is transforming the opportunities for teachers to practise their craft at the highest level. Lorna Burrows from Immersive VR shows how a new initiative is training teachers of the future in the UK and beyond.

Special Needs

Getting Off to a Flying Start

Michelle Doyle Wildman from Parentkind gives her take on achieving a successful transition by focusing on the parents, as well as the child.



5 Tools for Supporting Project-Based Learning

Many skills the government and industry want students to learn are tough to teach in traditional educational models. Here, Shawn McCusker highlights some project-based learning tools to support a more independent learning environment.


Is Technology Really Supporting our Educational Goals?

Last year, education secretary Damien Hinds released the government’s strategy for technology in education. It finally acknowledged that digital technology has the power to impact on education, but was somewhat unimaginative in its vision. It focused on worthy goals like cutting down the burden of marking for teachers, improving CPD opportunities, providing assistance to those […]


Mobile Phones—A Critical Battlefield

Schools either love them and want to use them in lessons or hate them and want to ban them. Jory Debenham knows which side she is on


It’s Time to Give Credence to Non-Academic Career Routes

Professor Sonia Blandford is Founder and CEO of Achievement for All and one of the UK’s leading practitioners of education.  Sonia is passionate about raising the aspirations and improving the attainment of all children and young people regardless of their background or needs. In 2016, she was named on Debrett’s list of the Top 500 Most Influential People in the UK.


Is Cognitive Bias Skewing Your Data Analysis?

Before you overhaul your whole-school policies, Dan Boorman has some advice to help you avoid reacting to hidden triggers that lead to irrational behaviour.