Institute of Physics Releases Free Online Resource Bank

The Institute of Physics (IOP) has launched a brand new education website – IOPSpark - designed to provide an online ‘go to’ resource for every aspect of teaching pre-19 physics.

Institute of Physics Releases Free Online Resource Bank

Music provision in a perilous state

Authors of The State of Play, a report by the Musicians’ Union and supported by UK Music and the Music Industries Association, describe music education as being in ‘a perilous state’.

Parents Failing to Teach Children to Talk

Over 300,000 toddlers have never been read a nursery rhyme by their parents, a Government survey suggests.

New Register Announced to Track Pupils Not In School

The proposal will also help authorities intervene where youngsters receive a solely religious education, or do not receive any education at all. The register will also cover pupils who are home educated.

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i-WIGT Instructional Video

Teachers can reflect on their own practice and review their peers through the mentoring tool i-WIGT (What Is Good Teaching).



Leading Learning in a World of ‘Whitewater’

Jane Reed believes we are living in unprecedented turbulent times and doubts whether we are equipping current and forthcoming generations of children to meet the big challenges sufficiently. She describes a project which sought to restore the primary focus on learning, provides a set of core practices, and explores the professional development implications.

The Ten Commandments of creative leadership

After a brief encounter with a Harvard Business School book, Jude Brigley put on a (metaphorical) beard and flowing robes and wrote her own commandments of good leadership.

For the love of learning: Lessons from an international school in Hong Kong

Good GCSE results are just a byproduct of the learning journey at Island School in Hong Kong. Vicky Hill reports on this international school’s groundbreaking curriculum for Years 9, 10 and 11, which sees teachers share their passions in exciting courses on art, marine biology, drama, business and more.

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Getting Started with Social Media in the Classroom

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting communities and communicating to others. EdTech Teacher Shawn McCusker presents a wealth of ideas for harnessing that power in the classroom.

Trend - The Lion That Has Failed To Roar

Head teachers have lost a great deal of their influence and ability to positively affect the education environment over the last decade. Geoff Barton, head of the ASCL, seemed destined to turn this around. But is his softly, softly approach the right one? SLT editor Howard Sharron reports.

Enhancing Child Development Instead of Replacing It

Lowell Monke explores three largely ignored issues that arise from the ongoing human-technology relationship that children and educators are faced with.

Boosting Effectiveness and Confidence at GCSE

Students are challenging themselves and improving their career and life-related skills with ASDAN’s new Certificate of Personal Effectiveness course. Martina Veale shows how it has made a difference for students at Hockerill Anglo-European College.
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i-WIGT Instructional Video

Teachers can reflect on their own practice and review their peers through the mentoring tool i-WIGT (What Is Good Teaching).
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