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All the evidence suggests that it is the quality of teaching that in the end drives school improvement. Sometimes changing teaching practice means taking risks. If you are involved in the personal and professional development of yourself and your staff, and want to be able to respond, contribute, grow and become resilient in times of challenge, then this journal is for you.

A sister publication to School Leadership Today, Professional Development Today is a highly respected journal that is designed to support all those involved in the personal and professional development of teachers.
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 What's Inside?

System leadership and collaboration – a new skillset for leaders?

In this article Toby Greany describes the development of school-to-school support, networks and partnerships, focusing in particular on recent developments in England. He explores the leadership practices associated with these and argues that school leaders must become adept at working in an environment that incentivises collaborative competition.

How to ensure professional learning and development make a difference

In this article Vivienne Porritt, Karen Spence-Thomas and Carol Taylor discuss what we currently know about leading effective professional learning and development in schools.

To collaborate or not collaborate

A key feature of the self-improving school system is inter-school collaboration. Verena West explores the motivation, benefits and challenges inherent in such commitment to collaborate.

Fishing for Evidence of Impact

In this article Gill Rowland, Hazel King, Penny Webb, Alison Cogger and Karen Vincent use seafaring imagery to portray a research project focussed on enriching mentoring within a school university initial teaching training partnership.


Evaluation through story-telling!

Does evaluation make any difference to improving teaching? Gina Sherwood describes her research among undergraduates, which indicates that a creative approach to evaluation through story-telling can be more fruitful.

Delivering the goods

Sara Bubb describes how the use of her Professional Learning Framework helped to enhance teaching and learning in science, and have a clear impact for teachers’ practice and pupil outcomes.

Leading the learning – yes but for what purpose?

In this article Peter Earley discusses notions of learning-centred leadership and leadership for learning. He explains why leadership for learning matters even more in high stakes accountability systems. He sets out some fundamental questions for professional development and lays down the challenge that learning should be at the heart of leadership development programmes.

Changing the system and listening to the professionals

The growing crisis in the teaching profession in England is well-documented and in this polemical article Fiona Carnie argues that there is a crisis within the teaching profession which calls for radical changes in professional development and teacher education. She suggests that a significant shift of emphasis is needed whereby the collaborative voices of teachers are heard.

Professional Development Today: a manifesto for change

In this article Chris Brown, Rachel Lofthouse and Graham Handscomb signal a forthcoming new approach to Professional Development Today.

Using Theories of Action to bring about improvement

Chris Brown and Jane Flood explore how the use of “Theories of Action” can help teachers engage in evidence-informed self improvement?



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