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Professional Development Today

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All the evidence suggests that it is the quality of teaching that in the end drives school improvement. Sometimes changing teaching practice means taking risks. If you are involved in the personal and professional development of yourself and your staff, and want to be able to respond, contribute, grow and become resilient in times of challenge, then this journal is for you.

A sister publication to School Leadership Today, Professional Development Today is a highly respected journal that is designed to support all those involved in the personal and professional development of teachers.
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What's Inside?

Making research engagement real
Graham Handscomb considers the power of research engagement and what is needed to fulfil its long heralded potential to transform professional learning.

Making research engagement part of the life force of the school
David Godfrey and Graham Handscomb explore the concept of the school as part of an ecosystem and the contribution of research engagement at all its levels.

Leadership for mobilizing schools as research-engaged communities
Clive Dimmock explores how leadership is vital to developing schools as research engaged communities. Leaders are key to establishing the necessary conditions and structures, as well as tackling barriers. Above all, he argues that by embedding research engagement within the school as a professional learning community, leaders ensure that research knowledge is mobilized to improve practice.

Seeing through the hullabaloo – cultivating a culture of enquiry
Gareth Mills explores some of the challenges and opportunities of teachers engaging with research. He examines how we might separate the wheat from the chaff to nurture a genuine culture of evidence-informed enquiry and positive change.

Using research for teachers’ professional development
Tim Cain explores the heritage of teachers’ learning ranging from applying theory to practice to research-informed reflection, and considers the implications for professional development.

Professional learning through enquiry!
Graham Handscomb explores the integral relationship between professional development, enquiry and research engagement.

Weaving together the evidence – what really works in research, practice and professional development?
Emma Wisby and Geoff Whitty consider the whole relationship between educational research and practice, and examine the implications for professional development.  In doing so they warn against the dominance of the trial based approach and argue for a broader, more dynamic view.

Professional enquiry and teacher agency: putting teachers in control
Mark Priestley and Valerie Drew report on research into how teachers’ curriculum development activity was empowered through enquiry.

Research evidence and reflective teaching
Steve Higgins considers the relationship between research evidence and reflective teaching and argues that they are complementary in supporting the development of teachers’ professional expertise.

CATALYST: An evidenced-informed, collaborative professional learning resource for teacher leaders and other leaders working within and across schools
By Louise Stoll, Carol Taylor, Karen Spence-Thomas and Chris Brown. University College London Institute of Education Press.



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