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Have you considered a communications app for your School Community? Then read on!

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Maybe you have experienced these issues before.

  • *Parents responding with ‘I didn’t know that’ or ‘no one told me’?
  • *Lots of  parents and carers phoning your School asking the same questions?
  • *How could extended and estranged family members be ‘kept in the loop’?
  • *What would my administrators appreciate that would be an inclusive system, without having to update various information sources?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then you would benefit from a parent communications app……

A smartphone app, ( for both Apple and Android devices ) which can also be downloaded onto tablets, contains information in self-explanatory sections ie. Dates, news, messages and important information   It is managed by the school’s own office team to keep everything ‘in-house’ which ensures accuracy and privacy of information. 

Your administration team will have the system they would choose for themselves and instead of something extra to update, social media links etc. will feed into the news section of the app seamlessly.  There is no more phoning round when an event is cancelled unexpectedly and the ‘stress’ and ‘staying late’ to complete this task is eliminated.

Free to download

A ‘free to download’  app lets parents access all the information they need on their phones and they will regularly endorse its usefulness, as it cuts down on time wasting in their already hectic lives.  Instant roll-out of information, whether it be homework with due dates, daily tasks or reminders, updates to events, calendar or cancellations is right there in front of them.

Grandparents or Aunties (or any other family member and carers ) can check what’s happening, as often they will be involved with childcare support and are a child’s emergency contact during school hours.

The app would give your photocopier and printers a well deserved break and leave these machines free to do the important work of supporting your teachers with classroom preparation.

If nothing else, the last year has really taught us the importance of technology within schools and the true value of being able to communicate to large groups easily and effectively. Many schools realised the importance of having an app during lockdown as information was changing so rapidly and they could reach their whole communities even whilst operating from home.

Pricing of apps can vary depending on different suppliers so recommendations from other schools and research is advisable.  Some will have a limit on messages and will add a charge at the end of the year so it is worth checking.  Some may charge a set-up fee and tie you to a lengthy contract with a notice period at the end.  If you are a small school it is worth asking if there is a discount available and readily available support is invaluable.  Training should be online or face to face not via an instruction manual – keep your staff happy!

*Information from Statista. Mobile education app downloads worldwide Q1 2020, by platforms (in millions)

Ed tech apps are not only paving the way for a new generation of parents and children that are kept more in the loop with their school but also allowing schools, nurseries and Secondary schools to ensure they are keeping up with the times and also holding the highest standards in parental engagement.  For example, you can see some feedback we received regarding our own app below!

“Good Morning App Team! Merry Christmas to all of you too. Can I also say that we would have been lost without your App since we first set it up, particularly this year! Everyone should have it. You do such a great job! Have a wonderful holiday season!”

*Angela – Crawforddyke Primary School, South Lanarkshire

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