Leadership and Learning Apps and Tools

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In an age of Innovation



How far can modern technology empower leaders and teachers?

Most emphasis has been placed on its power to support children’s learning.

But in this new age, the roles of teacher and leader, although changing, are as important as ever.

Perhaps more important.

Yet professional Apps and software have tended to have the limited aim of saving teachers and
teacher’s time.

They are what might be termed ‘Administrative’ Applications.

Our Apps and tools are Pedagogic Apps – they aim to support qualitative changes in the practice of leadership and teaching.

The suite of online apps and tools you will read about in this brochure seek to maximise opportunities for professional development and learning, leadership and advanced pedagogy in the classroom.

They pass knowledge, assessment and intervention power down the line to the departmental leader and the classroom teacher, whilst passing up much more useable information to the Senior Leadership Team. This duality, and the fact that they can all be used in conjunction with each other to reveal and intervene in school-wide issues, makes them powerful tools for helping to drive real improvements in teaching and learning.

  •  i-WIGT – Seamlessly appraise and mentor teachers to drive school improvement and improve teaching and learning
  • Climbing Frames – A comprehensive tool to create a fair and reliable picture of pupil performance
  • SBAS – Resolve individual student and organisational problems around discipline and behaviour
  • Professional Learning Community – One of the most acclaimed best practice libraries in the world
  • Project-based Learning Resources – A platform to support cross-curricular, in-depth teaching
  • Enable – A teaching tool to assist TAs in literacy development
  • Myself as a Learner Scale – The world renowned self-perception test
  • What Is Good Leadership? – A holistic tool to help develop the essential leadership skills in primary schools
  • Learning and Assessment Pathways – Audit, integrate and progress assessment for both staff and pupils


Download the Brochure to see how these products can help your school. Here

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