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Facilitating an Open Question Mindset

Peter Worley, co-founder of The Philosophy Foundation, explores how to ask the sorts of questions that take children’s thinking further in this recording of a Master Class webinar.

Whether it’s making connections, seeing controversies or building on the ideas of others, the questioning strategies Peter shares in this knowledge bank webinar can be used by any teacher, in any lesson, at any time, to encourage deeper thinking! And, of course, the aim of any teacher is to create independent thinkers and learners; in these sessions, Peter also explores when it’s time for teachers to take a step back and let learners take the lead.

About Peter Worley

Peter Worley is a teacher, philosopher and author. He is co-founder and CEO of The Philosophy Foundation, and an award-winning author and editor of eight books on philosophy in schools. He is resident philosopher at six primary schools, running weekly sessions with children and training teachers. For more information, visit:

This webinar includes access to:

  • the webinar recording (on Vimeo)
  • the PowerPoint presentation used by Peter during the webinar
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