Only 18% of parents feel the government listens to them

New research by PTA UK, the largest nationwide membership organisation for parent bodies, has published the findings that suggest 85 per cent of parents want a say in how their child is educated, while only 18 per cent felt that the Government listens to parents on what they want for their children’s education.

Top graduates to get up to £30k

Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, has announced that top graduates are to be offered up to £30,000 tax free to train to teach the key subjects - like maths and physics - that help young people reach their full potential.

Crimes in school soar past 30,000

Reports of crime in schools rose to more than 30,000 last year, equivalent to 160 allegations per school day, according to data from the BBC.

Digital learning boosts exam results

A new state of the nation report, examining the use of technology and digital in the classroom, has revealed that a quarter of teachers believe digital learning boosts exam results by at least one grade.

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Welcome to Teaching Times!

Welcome to the Teaching Times website. Here you will find educational articles and resources covering a wide-range of themes and the changing priorities within schools and helping teachers with information and learning.



School Inspection September 2015

The changes to inspection processes from September 2015 continue the process of radical reform. Here we present a summary of the main changes to the Inspection Framework for leaders & governors.

How to improve poor teaching without alienating staff

When faced with an underperforming student, we thoughtfully nurture and encourage their growth and emotional wellbeing. Why should it be any different with underperforming teachers? Marcella McCarthy explores a range of considerate yet effective approaches to engage teachers in improving practice across the school.

The Reality Of Failure To Educate Claims

With the recent publication of exam results, there will inevitably be pupils who did not do as well as they had hoped. Some may seek to lay the blame for this at the door of their school, potentially through a failure to educate claim.

Does teacher research fit with school improvement?

How does the growing teacher researcher movement square with the continuing accountability pressures being placed upon schools and their staff. David Leat, Rachel Lofthouse and Anna Reid explore some of the tensions and the creative opportunities.

Talking with young children: how professional development can improve children’s speech and language, thinking and learning

Sonia Blandford and Catherine Knowles say that significant numbers of young children are being let down by the education system, particularly those from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds and special needs. They explore the nature of this problem, the challenge this poses for the professional development of leaders and practitioners and the impact of transformational practice.

Creative approaches to teaching texts from the past

Poems and novels from our literary heritage play an important role in the new primary English curriculum, but how can we ensure all children are able to access and enjoy such sophisticated texts? Bob Cox presents a selection of strategies.

Using Singing To Nurture Children’s Hearing? A Pilot Study

This UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and UCL Ear Institute study, in collaboration with the multi-arts charity Creative Futures, shows that hearing impaired children benefit from a sustained programme of singing activities.

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Climbing Frames assessment tool

Climbing Frames is an assessment tool that replaced levels and enables schools to track pupil progress across core and foundation subjects in the new curriculum

Commission On Assessment Without Levels: Final Report

This DfE report provides advice to schools about how to develop new approaches to pupil assessment that are based on the needs of the pupils and follow the school’s curriculum and support effective teaching.

Growing a culture of inclusion: the challenge for professional identity and development

Alison Ekins explores how we can build inclusive school cultures and the implications for professional learning.

Education and the 2015 election - what now?

The dust has settled on the Conservative Party’s shocking majority win, but the future for education is far from certain. Peter Downes highlights the key issues for schools and their leaders, this September and beyond.

An education from the earth

Introducing children to notions of environmental citizenship and instilling a love of nature is essential, not only for the future of our planet, but for our children’s physical and mental wellbeing. Richard Harvey provides some practical ideas for integrating the natural world into all aspects of the primary curriculum.

An introduction to teaching coding with Scratch

Programming is a fantastic way for students to express themselves creatively - and one of the most popular tools for teaching it is MIT’s coding platform Scratch. Dylan Ryder presents a beginner’s guide, plus three simple activities to try in your own classroom.

National Poetry Day!


Poetry made easy

David Harrison and Judith Dalton-Morris introduce a simple idea to engage even the most reluctant of poets in composing their own poem and presenting it in a creative, visual way.

Children Poetry And Thinking

Anthony Wilson offers some insights into serious wordplay to encourage different kinds of thinking in children’s approach to writing poetry.

Activity 8 Resource Pack: Poetry writing

The Titanic: Activity 8 Resource Pack. Students complete two mini activities designed to fire their imaginations, before using their ideas to write a poem about the sinking of the Titanic.
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Welcome to Teaching Times!

Welcome to the Teaching Times website. Here you will find educational articles and resources covering a wide-range of themes and the changing priorities within schools and helping teachers with information and learning.
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