New competition to inspire young scientists, innovators and engineers

Shell has launched a new national competition as part of the company’s long-term commitment to inspiring young people into careers in science and engineering.

Pupils put off studying maths and science, warns new report

A report by the Confederation of British Industry warns that British children who fear maths and science are too difficult are jeopardising the UK economy.

Rising number of pupils are now schooled at home

More parents in the UK are now choosing the home school their children, creating a 65% increase in this method of teaching in the last few years, according to a new report.

Mental health care vital if children are to recover

A survey by the NSPCC has found that nearly all health professionals believe there are not enough mental health services for children who have suffered sexual abuse.

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Welcome to Teaching Times!

Welcome to the Teaching Times website. Here you will find educational articles and resources covering a wide-range of themes and the changing priorities within schools and helping teachers with information and learning.



BETT 2016

Bett, the world’s leading event for learning technology, returns to ExCel London on 20-
23 January 2016. Now in its 32nd year, the four-day event is once again set to provide
education professionals with an opportunity to see, touch and test the latest and most
ground-breaking technologies, providing them with a taste of how those tools can be
used to revolutionise learning and boost school performance.

How 3D printing technology is changing lessons in schools

It’s hard to go a day now without hearing about another exciting story coming out of the 3D printing world – from printing mechanical parts for aeroplanes, to fabrics allowing customers to customise fashion to their taste, to 3D printed skin for medical uses, the technology is undoubtedly changing the way businesses operate across every industry and the offerings available to customers.

Virtual campus tours

Not so long ago, a glossy prospectus was the key asset in any school or
universities marketing arsenal. But static
imagery is no longer enough to attract and retain the attention of
a generation accustomed to dynamic, immersive and interactive

The future of assessment without levels

Responses are mixed to the DfE’s recent commission into assessment. The final report was positive, rightly promoting high-quality everyday assessment over summative tick-box approaches... but was it decisive enough to drive progress and encourage innovation? Sue Hackman isn’t entirely sure.

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Teaching Times author reviewed in Gifted Education International

Author Ann O’Hara and the team here at Teaching Times were pleased to see a review of our primary leadership toolkit, Learning and Assessment Pathways, published in peer-reviewed journal, Gifted Education International.

Teacher talk and open learning spaces

Jane Jones writes about Teacher Talk – teachers talking about teaching and learning; lesson sharing; creating dialogic spaces; and engaging in meaningful conversation. She shows how Teacher Talk lies at the heart of powerful professional development.

Achievement for all: Making the vision a reality

Achievement for All’s unique approach is already helping thousands of schools nationwide realise their vision of a vibrant, inclusive learning environment for children of all cultures, abilities and disabilities. How do they do it? In her first article for Every Child Journal, the charity’s founder and CEO Sonia Blandford presents a step-by-step guide to bringing about whole-school change that is truly transformational.

Practical SEO tips for school websites

Parents looking for the best place to send their child to school will often now start with an internet search. But with the mass of information filling pages and pages of search results, how can you help your school stand out from the crowd? Darren Ryan offers practical advice on how to optimise your school website for search engines.

Children as victims of domestic violence

For many years, children have been considered to be witnesses of domestic violence but not victims. Gradually, opinions are changing and the true impact on children is now acknowledged. In this feature, Suzanne O’Connell outlines the latest research findings and how they’re addressing the issue in some parts of the country.
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Welcome to Teaching Times!

Welcome to the Teaching Times website. Here you will find educational articles and resources covering a wide-range of themes and the changing priorities within schools and helping teachers with information and learning.
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