Three out of four academy chains have coasting schools

New research by the Sutton Trust shows that almost half of the government’s academy chains have fail to ensure expected GCSE results and are struggling to improve the grades of disadvantaged pupils.

Mental health tops the list of pupil health concerns

The most concerning safeguarding issue for headteachers is mental health, followed by domestic violence and cyberbullying.

Financial education provision failing girls

Teenage girls in the UK are receiving significantly less financial education in school than boys, according to a new report.

Graduates will owe up to £53K

Changes to student finance will mean more than half a million poorer students will graduate owing up to £53k after maintenance grants are replaced by loans.

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Welcome to Teaching Times!

Welcome to the Teaching Times website. Here you will find educational articles and resources covering a wide-range of themes and the changing priorities within schools and helping teachers with information and learning.



Leading from the front: energizing teacher-leaders in classroom practice

Marcella McCarthy calls for school leaders to more fully embrace their role as leaders of teaching and learning, and explores the implications for a fundamentally different approach to performance management and professional development.

Mind the gap: theory and practice in professional learning

The use of enquiry to develop teachers’ practice is now a widespread phenomenon, but is there sufficient clarity about how this contributes to the creation of knowledge about teaching and learning? Vivienne Baumfield looks at the considerable heritage of this work and asks fundamental questions about the potential gap between theory and practice in professional learning.

Project-based and enquiry-based learning - the professional development challenge

David Leat, Ulrike Thomas and Rachel Lofthouse argue for a more creative perspective on achievement, based on problem and enquiry based approaches to children’s learning and the professional development which enables this.

The Cinderella syndrome

Why is it that in an otherwise loving family, one child is sometimes picked out for
emotional abuse and neglect? Celia Doyle and Charles Timms analyse the Cinderella syndrome, tracing its mythical roots and the reasons behind victimisation.

Engaging the disengaged

Whether they are disrupting lessons, playing truant or simply prefer to daydream, young people who have disengaged from learning need
immediate attention, or risk having their life chances severely curtailed. In her second article on the subject, Louise Kinnaird looks at some of the tried-and-tested ways schools can combat disengagement.

Where's the harm?

Trolling is a form of online bullying that can devastate young people. But the more you look into it, the more disturbing it gets, with new evidence emerging that some young people are trolling themselves. It this a cry for help, a form of self-harm or a bit of both? Ken Corish investigates.

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Leadership and Learning Apps and Tools

Our Apps and tools are Pedagogic Apps – they aim to support qualitative changes in the practice of leadership and teaching.

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

The future of the UK, and indeed, the world, depends on engineers. But are our schools providing them? EngineeringUK explores a few ways to open pupils’ eyes to the exciting possibilities that exist for young people in science, technology, engineering and maths-based careers.

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court

How do you work with parents with severe alcohol and drug problems while getting the best for their children? Steve Bambrough and Sophie Kershaw report on how the Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) have pioneered non-adversarial approaches which have delivered benefits for all.

Guidance for staff on self-harm (Sample policy)

A sample policy on self-harm to use and adapt in your own school.

A single body for children’s rights

What role do schools play in promoting children’s rights? Maggie Atkinson, the Children’s Commissioner, explains how her new role, which merges the Children’s Rights Directorate with the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, will work.

How to plan for project-based learning

Although famously learner-led, project-based learning does require a fair amount of teacher planning to be at its most successful. Alexis Shea continues her series on strategies for successful PBL with a step-by-step guide to planning a project from beginning to end.

Do low aspirations really cause low achievement?

Current government rhetoric very much views low aspirations as the cause of low achievement – but could it be the other way round? Loic Menzies examines the evidence.

Incorporating literacy into imaginative play

How can we inspire very young children to take an interest in literacy? Sue Lyle makes it fun with a class hunt for signs, symbols and letters in the everyday environment.
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Welcome to Teaching Times!

Welcome to the Teaching Times website. Here you will find educational articles and resources covering a wide-range of themes and the changing priorities within schools and helping teachers with information and learning.
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