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Inside Teaching – How to Make a Difference for Every Learner and Teacher

Sue Kelly reviews this timely, relevant manual which places a premium on teacher professional development and the joy of learning.
Inside Teaching Cover

The vital importance of teacher learning

John Blanchard’s new book “Inside Teaching – how to make a difference for every learner and teacher” can be relied upon to do just that. It has the potential to make such a difference, given the scope of education professionals who can learn from it – and the likely impact of these new insights when applied to the classrooms of those who take the time to read it. For many experienced teachers (myself included) there is an important lesson which everyone entering the profession learns sooner or later; the irony of being in a learning environment where the learning of the teacher is at least equally as crucial to the success of our students as the learning and progress of those that we teach. Teachers – we ignore that message to the detriment of all our students!

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