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How to teach coding so that even the grownups get it   

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Confusion reigns. 

Lots of the primary school teachers that we speak to are confessing that they’re still baffled by how to teach the coding aspect of the new computing curriculum. 

“It’s not the children I’m worried about – it’s me!” 

That’s why e-Learning Update has teamed up with Studyzone.tv to help primary schools teach the new curriculum in a way that is clear and uncomplicated for the teachers, and gives KS1-2 pupils a brilliant grounding in the principles of coding.  

With 12 months’ access to both e-Learning Update and Coding Curriculum from Studyzone.tv your teachers will be able to master how to:

  1. Make programming concepts more real by relating them to real life scenarios 
  2. Offer clear pathways for pupils’ coding skills to progress 
  3. Simplify the curriculum by focusing on one piece of free software 
  4. Embed the skills of good coding, not just cram lessons full of coding languages 
  5. Open the possibilities of using technology outside of the computer lab with how to articles and video podcasts 
  6. Help everyone stay safe online with solid guidance on everything from data protection to protecting children from online abuse 
  7. Stay a step ahead of the latest tech developments with clear, unbiased expertise and support for schools on managing their ICT 

Subscribe to e-Learning Update today, to access over 100 hours of video lessons, covering key coding concepts, programming and debugging. Plus  your school will be able to access expertise from top educationalists and outstanding schools on:

  • Implementing the Flipped classroom 
  • Getting your school in the Cloud  
  • Answering the challenges of teaching in the digital world 
  • Bringing the 'real world' into learning by using IT 
  • Widening IT, digital literacy and computer science 
  • How technology can improve educational outcomes 

Debug coding

Developed for easy assimilation, Studyzone.tv video lessons take a fully supported, novice approach to code learning, yet fully cover the coding aspect of the new computing national curriculum.

Concept Lessons

Concept lessons

These videos make programming concepts less abstract by relating them to real life scenarios. They introduce the skill being taught.

Video Lessons

Video lessons

Lessons that develop programming skills - one step at a time!

Programming Challenge

Programming challenges

Each unit builds towards a fun programming challenge where new concepts are applied to solve problems. Designed to encourage students to work in groups, explore ideas and experiment with code.

Debugging Challenge

Debugging challenges

A key concept is debugging; fixing problems that exist within code. Every unit includes a debugging lesson, with links to ‘buggy code’ for children to fix. These lessons are great for building resilience and problem solving.

How to use the videos

The video lessons are succint; they focus on very specific programming skills with a clear learning objective. This means that even if you're not going to use the whole sequence of lessons, you can dip in and out, using only the lessons you need.

Teacher Training

View the video lessons prior to teaching a lesson to improve your own understanding of new programming concepts, including loops, variables and IF statements. Our videos are far more flexible than training in staff meetings or staff development days, since it allows teachers to develop their understanding when they need it, which far improves knowledge retention.

Class delivery

Use the video lessons and resources to support your teaching. Show videos on a whiteboard then discuss the concepts introduced. Use the video to kickstart your own teaching of a concept, before setting your students going on a task.

Self-directed learning

Students love coding and you'll often find that they're eager to do more at home. With your 12 months access to these videos as part of your e-Learning Update subscription, you can give your students access to all the video lessons at home, enabling them to revisit concepts they found hard or extend their understanding further.

Subscriber offer

Subscribe to e-Learning Update today to get 12 months access the Coding Curriculum videos from Studyzone.tv at your exclusive proce: 

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Up to 200 pupils £279 + VAT £225 + VAT £54
200-400 pupils £329 + VAT £275 + VAT £54
More than 400 pupils £379 + VAT £325 + VAT £54


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