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Creative Practicals in the new GCSE science curriculum

The role of practical work in the new GCSE science specifications has changed. What will this mean for lessons? How will this impact assessment?

In this knowledge bank webinar, Ed Walsh takes a look at the impact of the changes on science lessons as we know them, and gives some practical advice on incorporating enquiry-based work into your curriculum.

Although the changing specifications in GCSE science courses pose challenges, they can also provide new opportunities. The role of practical work and the assessment objectives have been modified in the new curriculum to put greater focus on ‘Working Scientifically’ – students will be assessed on their ability to work and think like scientists, effectively applying their investigative skills in other contexts.

In this session, Ed Walsh looks at what this stipulated practical work may look like in action and considers how to prepare students for the new exams.

This webinar includes access to:

  • the webinar recording (on Vimeo)
  • the PowerPoint presentation used by Ed during the webinar
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