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“Unleashing Greatness” with Curiosity and Powerful Learning: A Framework for School Improvement

Presenter: Professor David Hopkins
Dates: Introduction: 11th May. Sessions: 18th , 25th May 2021 and 8th June
Cost: £95.00+VAT
Recording: All those who sign up to this webinar will receive a recording of all four sessions.

Presenter: Professor David Hopkins explores an approach to school improvement that is neither top down nor prescriptive, but rather builds capacity within schools and their networks by providing frameworks and strategies to enable them to reach their educational goals.

In this webinar of four 90-minute sessions, we examine The Right Direction for Reform by describing the characteristics of high performing schools and their stages of development. Then how schools improve from the ‘inside out’ by emphasising moral purpose, identifying the non-negotiables and generating narrative. The focus is on describing in practical detail the Theories of Action that teachers can use to create great teaching, how leaders can generate intrinsic motivation and how teachers teach each other through peer coaching.

The course concentrates on ‘Building Professional Capital’ and introduces the Leadership for Powerful Learning framework that goes deep into the characteristics of Instructional Leaders. We also take a broader perspective on System Leadership and Networking.

  • Introduction: Tuesday 11th May 2021 – The “Unleashing Greatness” School Improvement Strategy
  • Session 1: Tuesday 18th May 2021 – The School Improvement Imperative
  • Session 2: Tuesday 25th May 2021 – Getting to the Heart of the Matter
  • Session 3: Tuesday 8th June 2021 – Building Professional Capital

In these sessions delegates will gain

  • A comprehensive overview of school improvement strategies
  • Indication of areas for skill development
  • A wide range of resources for practical action

Course Credit
Masters credit will be available for this programme for those who participate in each session, engage in a tutorial with Professor Hopkins and complete a school improvement portfolio together with a written assignment.

This course is ideal for
Middle and Senior leaders in Schools, Multi Academy Trusts, Local Authorities and other educational organisations interested in school improvement, teaching and learning, professional development and enhancing outcomes for all students.

Coaching for Kids – Micro-coaching to motivate and embed mental fitness in disheartened students

Before any catch-up strategy there has to be a sense of community, a sense of belonging and a culture of care that coaching can establish in a school. Jackie Beere will help get you there.

Following a hugely successful webinar earlier this year, Jackie Beere has agreed to do this webinar again in June 2021!

Presenter: Jackie Beere OBE
Dates: Introduction: 8th June 2021. Sessions: 14th, 21st and 28th June 2021
Cost: £95.00+VAT
Recording: All those who sign up to this webinar will receive a recording of all sessions

Are you going mad? Sometimes during this long hard lockdown, it can feel like it. We have all spent too much time in our heads and that includes our children. No matter what age or what ability, all the great learning habits you instilled will have depleted or disintegrated. This needs new thinking.

Whether they are withdrawn, disengaged or just plain scared of the future, our first job must be to get them out of their heads and back into great learning

In this practical course of three 90-minute webinars, Jackie Beere OBE, will help you understand the power of coaching to create fresh thinking and the ambition to catch up quickly. The side benefit is the positive impact it will have on your own mental fitness and the engagement of parents, when they find out how to use coaching techniques on their kids.

  • Introduction: Tuesday 8th June 2021 – Coaching As The Antidote For Lockdown Kids
  • Session 1: Monday 14th June 2021 – What Is Going On In Their Heads?
  • Session 2: Monday 21st June 2021 – Coaching Students To Develop Long-Term Mental Fitness
  • Session 3: Monday 28th June 2021 – Implementing Peer Coaching In Your School

In these sessions delegates will gain:

  • An insider’s guide to how coaching changes everything – through simple conversations
  • A range of approaches for using peer coaching in the classroom AND staffroom
  • A skill you will use forever – in the classroom, as a leader or with family and friends.

This course is ideal for:
Head Teachers, Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders, Teachers, Student Teachers, NQTs, and Early Career Teachers.

Visual Tools for Thinking and Learning
Teaching Children to use Visual Tools to Improve Complex Thinking and Intellectual Confidence

Presenter: Dr. David Hyerle
Dates: Introduction: 20th May 2021. Sessions: 17th, 24th June and 1st July 2021
Cost: £95.00+VAT
Recording: All those who sign up to this webinar will receive a recording of all sessions.

Do your students have problems with short term memory?
Do they find complex ideas confusing and beyond them?
Is planning an issue for them because they cannot link and sequence ideas?
Do they have strategies for problem-solving and initiative taking?
Do they find independent learning difficult to start, and even more difficult to continue?

If any of these issues were true beforehand, they are doubly true now after the lockdown, when children have lost the habit of studying and thinking, and have lost the intellectual self-confidence that might have previously helped them.

In this practical course of four 90-minute webinars, Dr. David Hyerle, one of the foremost exponents and creative thinkers on the use of Visual Tools to support and deepen children’s thinking, will take you through the strategies that can give your students back the intellectual self-confidence they have lost.

He will explain how these tools, especially critical for children with less privileged and educated backgrounds, or those disheartened by anxiety and loss of self-confidence, can be used to re-structure their thinking in response to the complex tasks that confront them.

  • Introduction: Thursday 20th May 2021 – The introduction to this course is much more than a preview and summary!
  • Session 1: Thursday 17th June 2021 – Going Deep with Thinking Process Maps
  • Session 2: Thursday 24th June 2021 – Thinking Maps for Transdisciplinary Applications
  • Session 3: Thursday 1st July 2021 – Bridging the Content / Thinking Process Divide

We guarantee that the course will forever change the way you and your students think about the world!

This course is ideal for:
Teachers of very young to older exam level students, and for those that already have some experience of visual tools or those that are just beginners. It is designed for teachers working in physical or virtual classrooms.

Becoming Addicted to Teaching Maths

Presenter: Marcelo Staricoff (Ph.D, NPQH, FCCT)
Dates: TBA
Cost: £95.00+VAT

Presenter: Marcelo Staricoff (Ph.D, NPQH, FCCT)
Marcelo is the creator of the Joy of Not Knowing (JONK) approach, founder and director of JONK Thinking and Learning Ltd, an Associate Lecturer in Education at the University of Sussex, an educational consultant, speaker and trainer working with schools nationally and internationally. Marcelo Staricoff is the author of Start Thinking and of the recently published book The Joy of Not Knowing, a former scientist, a Primary school teacher and Headteacher and a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching.

This course consists of three 90-minute webinars. All are highly interactive, intellectually playful and discussion based, giving you the opportunity to experience a wealth of innovative ideas first-hand and to plan for how use them with your specific age group.

The series includes a wealth of supporting literature and a set of activities to have a go at following each session, that support the focus of the webinar and also previews the next one.

The course will enable you to see, perceive and feel completely differently about the teaching of maths from now on and to receive a discount offer of a signed copy of Marcelo’s book The Joy of Not Knowing that has just been published by Routledge.

  • Session 1: The Playful History and Multicultural Nature of Maths
  • Session 2: Becoming Very Addicted to Mathematical Investigations
  • Session 3: Maths to Promote Wellbeing, Creative Thinking and Lifelong Learning

“The inclusion of visuals on the course is a huge ‘plus’ in enabling you to comprehend the ideas shared. The positive approach to ‘not knowing’ is utterly brilliant and strategies are given to enable all children to find ways of being successful. With these ideas children are supported in becoming life-long learners and are valued as individuals…”

This course is ideal for:
Maths Leaders, Head Teachers, Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders, Teachers, Student Teachers, NQTs, and Early Career Teachers.