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Free activities to boost wellbeing and resilience

ASDAN has created free resources to support young people with their transition back to school.

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Questions to consider

Taking a learner-centred approach, the aim of the ‘Settling back in’ resources is to enable young people to reflect on their experiences, reconnect with their peers and draw out learning around how to cope with change in the future.

These resources will also help tutors identify which learners are in need of extra support at this time.

The sessions are designed with 20-minute tutor sessions in mind and an audience of Key Stage 4, mixed-ability learners. Tutors and teachers may want to consider these sessions in the wider context of their recovery strategy and adapt them to suit their context.

The ‘Settling back in’ resources include a tutor guidance document and the following sessions:

Session 1: Catch up (learners are asked to reflect on their lockdown experiences and discuss these with their peers)

Session 2: Building emotional vocabulary  

Session 3: The five losses (routine, structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom)

Session 4: Responding to loss

Session 5: Building resilience

Session 6: The new normal

Session 7, 8, 9 and 10: Making memories

ASDAN’s hope is that these resources will support centres in providing space for young people to express and reflect on their lockdown stories, with the aim of boosting their engagement, confidence and resilience.

Please do get in touch with ASDAN through social media (@ASDANeducation) or email marketing@asdan.org.uk to let us know how you get on with the resources.