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TeachingTimes: An Online Professional Learning Service

TeachingTimes is a unique service: it provides practice support for teachers and school leaders by its publishing of up-to-date expertise on all aspects of leadership throughout the education organisation – from classroom teachers, who we take to be leaders of their pupils and support staff, to executive heads and Trust CEOs.

TeachingTimes has an unrivalled practice library to enable staff to learn from other professionals, reflect on their own practice and to research particular issues or themes as a basis for personal or school wide change strategies. Importantly, the articles talk to teachers and leaders in a way that enables them to take away good practice and strategies and to start planning their implementation in their own organisations.

We constantly update practice in Creative Teaching & Learning, Leadership, Special Needs, Professional Learning, Digital Learning, School and Classroom Design, and Education Research.

The Empowerment Mission

Our aim is not just to update teachers and leaders on the latest best practice. It is to empower them to take control over their own professional development and to contribute to the professional learning of their peers.

Great teachers never stop learning. We fully support that.

We are giving teachers and leaders new ways to use and customise our content to suit their professional learning purposes.

They can use the library to review and reflect on their own practice, research areas they are interested in, bookmark articles and resources for later reading and create their own Knowledge Banks and Classroom Resources for their education community.

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School leaders can benefit and utilise TeachingTimes in a positive and inclusive way.

By subscribing and adding your staff as Team members to your school account, you can create your own school network.

A school subscription allows you to create a learning community in which your teachers can contribute, discuss and learn from.

Teachers can be reflective and constantly improve their practice. They have immediate access to practice knowledge which would normally take them hours to research on the internet.

Leaders can use the library to support change strategies you wish to implement by sending staff articles and resources from our website or the internet, or your own locally hosted archive.

As a knowledge and engagement tool, that costs less than a consultant might cost in one day, a subscription to TeachingTimes is a very cost-effective CPD spend.