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SLT 8.2 Cover

The cover page for School Leadership Today 8.2!

Finland is making subject teaching history

Lauren Grunwell, a secondary school English teacher, explores the impact of phenomenon-based learning on the student experience, along with the potential benefits and obstacles to implementing this innovative educational model in UK schools.

What exactly does a National Leader of Education do?

Amanda Godfrey explains the role of an NLE and the challenges they are confronted with when heads get into difficulties.

New in the School Leadership & Management Zone

Tackling extremism

The government’s Prevent duty, imposed on schools without any extra resources, begs lots of questions. What exactly is radicalisation? What are British values? How can schools practically monitor student views, let alone divert them from dangerous ideological paths? Ian Pringle makes some initial suggestions.

Is your assessment fit for purpose?

Why do we assess our students? Is it to please Ofsted? The government? External accountability isn’t going away, but the freedom from levels gives schools the unparalleled opportunity to refocus assessment on its true purpose – to drive learning and support mastery for all. Ann O’Hara explains.

For the love of learning: Lessons from an international school in Hong Kong

Good GCSE results are just a byproduct of the learning journey at Island School in Hong Kong. Vicky Hill reports on this international school’s groundbreaking curriculum for Years 9, 10 and 11, which sees teachers share their passions in exciting courses on art, marine biology, drama, business and more.

Leading against the odds: Effective leadership in low-performing schools

Many British schools coping with high levels of deprivation and diverse demographics are in dire need of a leader with the vision, drive and capacity to turn them around. But how can we develop such leaders? Graham Handscomb continues his series with a look at the key issues for making a difference to under-performing schools.

How to halve your fuel bills

As budgets tighten, it’s important schools make savings where they can. Ann Noon reports on three UK schools whose simple carbon-cutting measures have transformed their buildings from energy-guzzling monsters to an environment that’s efficient, sustainable and even earning them money!



Celebrating 400 years of Shakespeare

This March, thousands of primary schools across the nation are celebrating the world’s most famous playwright during Shakespeare Week. Elizabeth Dollimore explains why 2016 is such a momentous year to bring the British bard to life in your classroom and reveals all that’s on offer to help you do so.

Encouraging confident communication

Given a young child’s language skills – or troubling lack thereof – can serve as an accurate indicator of outcomes as far as their mid-20s, it’s crucial all early years and primary practitioners make developing confident communicators a top priority for their classroom. Sonia Blandford and Catherine Knowles explain how.

The power of creative storytelling

It’s a timeless pleasure getting lost in a story. Harness its unique power with Tonya Meers and Natasha Dennis, as they combine literacy and language with fun, hands-on activities to develop children’s knowledge and skills in drama, D&T, history, science and more.

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The only news is bad news

It seems that whenever there isn’t much educational news to report, the media default to stories on Islamic plots in schools or favouritism by authorities to Muslims over other groups. The stories may well be of public interest, but at what point do they cross an uncomfortable line?

SLT 7.3 Points

Full academisation a ‘forced freedom’, leaders say; Major overhaul of how teachers are trained; Academy trust executives paid huge salaries as pupil results plummet; and more.