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Welcome to School Business - the section of our site devoted to school business managers and other practitioners involved in the day-to-day dealings of running a school. Here you'll find a compilation of useful articles taken from a range of publications. The two featured below are open access - look out for other free resources and articles!

A competency framework – the solution to teachers’ pay issues?

The National Teachers’ standards are not enough when it comes to evaluating teacher performance in the context of performance-related pay, according to Sally White. Here, she offers an alternative.

Avoiding the pitfalls of performance related pay

Performance related pay is in force whether we like it or not, yet there are still many schools without a rigorous and transparent approach to performance appraisal. Keith Wright analyses the challenges these schools might face, and offers advice on making the change.

Budgets and funding


Raising standards with the pupil premium

In view of the government drive to get students ‘secondary ready’ and the increased levels of accountability for how teachers make use of their pupil premium to do this, Jenny Townsend offers some advice on what Ofsted will be looking for in primary school spending.

Schools hoarding vast amounts of cash

In hard times, it’s generally sound advice to save a little money for a rainy day. But what do you do if it’s a school that’s hoarding its funds instead of spending it on children’s education?

Taking the heat out of your energy bills

Utility bills astronomical? Matt Fulford explains how the implementation of a few simple measures can cut your carbon footprint and, in the long run, save your school thousands of pounds.

Income generation – A case study

The key to successful income generation depends on relationships, not extreme voluntary effort year in, year out. Now more than ever it’s time schools took a leaf out of the public schools’ and NHS’s book and worked smarter rather than harder.

Embracing a school commissioning culture

With deep cuts suffered by local authorities, schools will need to plug the service provider gap. Here, Katie Paxton-Doggett advises on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of effective school commissioning and the opportunities it can present.

school buildings


Do It Yourself!

Andrew Siddall tells us how parent-power in one community has made a huge difference to the future of a primary school playspace.

BIM for Schools- why?

The government have set targets for the adoption of BIM across all publically funded projects by 2016. Education and Justice are pathfinder departments. Helen Taylor asks what is BIM and why should schools care about it?

featured manager's briefcase


Manager's Briefcase - The Pupil Premium and FSM

Guidance on collecting information to help you make decisions, evaluating your intervention programmes to make sure they are delivering the outcomes you want. Plus some ideas for encouraging those entitled to FSM to apply.



The VLE evaluation

To extend the learning opportunities for pupils at Taunton School Andy Kemp, director of digital strategy, trawled the VLE market to find the best solution for his school. Here he shares his research findings on the leading competitors. (Open Access)

Seaton House School case study – Improving communication

Seaton House School in Sutton, Surrey, is keeping parents instantly updated with school information through an automatic notification system. Marketing Manager Val Mathews highlights the benefits.

Beyond the rural classroom

Recruiting specialist teachers and providing a wide range of subjects for students to study is often a challenge for rural schools. Ed McEvoy describes how videoconferencing has solved this problem for a number of Irish schools and opened up a world of opportunities for their students.

The technology leasing scam!

With budget cuts hitting hard, schools have become vulnerable targets when leasing technology. Here we explore the ways to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls in this growing minefield.

Deploying a VLE solution

Successful VLE deployments start with a clear and well-articulated reason for why the school wants a VLE, and a system which is easy enough for the average member of staff to use without having to undergo significant training. Here we cut to the chaff and provide the essentials of what you need to consider about VLE deployment.

Canary - Mobile Digital Security In The Classroom

Canary is an all-in-one mobile security system, which the teacher can simply plug-in in the classroom and control remotely from his or her mobile phone.