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If you've not come across the Manager's Briefcase before, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Every month this site will be refreshed with new proformas, exemplars, model policies and summary documents to help you manage your school. The two documents featured below are open access - don't miss out!

Our latest briefcase - Maximising TA impact

Guidance and resources to encourage and support the professional development of teaching assistants. Includes one free printable proforma.

Featured Briefing: Too young to fail

More than a fifth of children in England have already fallen permanently behind by the age of seven, according to a recent report by Save the Children. We summarise the rest of their main findings.

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Ofsted Leadership Guide 2013

Ann O’Hara highlights the key questions leaders should be asking themselves to evaluate whole-school practice and set out their ambitions for the future.

Manager's Briefcase - Preventing extremism

Guidance and resources to raise staff awareness of the potential threat of extremist messages, and assist in setting up policy and practice to help students build resilience against extremism.

Manager's Briefcase - Working with parents

In this issue’s Manager’s Briefcase, we have provided some guidance and resources which we hope will make the sometimes stressful task of forming good, solid relationships with your students’ parents a little bit easier.

Manager's Briefcase - The SENCo/TA partnership

Resources for developing an effective working relationship between SENCos and TAs.

Manager's Briefcase - The Pupil Premium and FSM

Guidance on collecting information to help you make decisions, evaluating your intervention programmes to make sure they are delivering the outcomes you want. Plus some ideas for encouraging those entitled to FSM to apply.

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Does Money Affect Children’s Outcomes?

Children in low-income households do less well than their better-off peers on many outcomes in life, such as education or health, simply because they are poorer, according to this report.
Leadership Briefing Issue 8.04(88)

The Importance of Rank Position

Children who are top of the class in primary school are likely to do better in exams later on because they are more confident, according to this piece of research.
Leadership Briefing Issue 8.03(87)

School Uniform Guidance 2013

This is non-statutory guidance from the Department for Education relates to best practice on developing school uniform policy.
Leadership Briefing Issue 8.03(87)

free featured proformas

Building resilience to extremism – Summary for staff

Includes brief summary of the factors that push or pull young people into extremism, what teachers can do to combat these and a list of useful websites.

Structured conversation sheet

Structured conversations help the school and parents develop a relationship with the shared aim of improving the educational achievement of young people. This printable document can be used to record what is discussed.