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Children as victims of domestic violence

For many years, children have been considered to be witnesses of domestic violence but not victims. Gradually, opinions are changing and the true impact on children is now acknowledged. In this feature, Suzanne O’Connell outlines the latest research findings and how they’re addressing the issue in some parts of the country.

Latest news on SEN

In this section of ECJ, we focus on the latest developments directly in relation to SEN.

SEN and the new Ofsted framework

With the new Ofsted framework for inspection comes a renewed emphasis on safeguarding and on progress and outcomes for all pupils, including those with special educational needs. How will provision be judged? We pick out the key points for leaders.

New in Every Child Journal

Supporting healthy transitions to adult life

What works when it comes to helping young people become healthy, responsible adults? Jamila Boughelaf explains how the Centre for Analysis of Youth Transitions, under new management by Mentor, the UK’s national and leading charity dedicated to preventing drug and alcohol misuse among young people, is giving teachers the resources they need to reduce risky behaviour.

What’s happened to the SEN reform?

Just over a year ago, the new SEND system was rushed into schools nationwide. Since then, parents of pupils with SEND have been subjected to missed deadlines, confused practice and misinformation at a critical stage in their child’s life. Parent advocate Tania Tirraoro reflects on a troubling year.

Improving children’s speech and language through a culture of communication

Ensuring all children become proficient communicators is crucial to outcomes, but only possible in a culture where their voices are heard and valued. Sonia Blandford and Catherine Knowles explore a few ways this can be achieved in early years and primary settings.

The experiences of a young carer

Until recently, little attention was paid to young carers in schools. Joshua Francis gives us a moving personal account of what it means to be a young carer and how the professionals can help ease the burden.

Introducing Achievement for All


Achievement for all: Making the vision a reality

Achievement for All’s unique approach is already helping thousands of schools nationwide realise their vision of a vibrant, inclusive learning environment for children of all cultures, abilities and disabilities. How do they do it? In her first article for Every Child Journal, the charity’s founder and CEO Sonia Blandford presents a step-by-step guide to bringing about whole-school change that is truly transformational.

Aiming higher with Achievement for All – a special school’s view

Despite Ofsted rating her special school as ‘outstanding’, headteacher Dame Sue Bourne knew there was more to be done to engage pupils’ parents and improve outcomes. Here, she shares her experiences working with Achievement for All towards this very aim, and describes some of the rewards of the charity’s ambitious approach.

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Document highlights: Research into funding for pupils with SEN

The current method of allocating local authorities the high needs block is not always fair, and the government should consider moving to a formula, say Natalie Parish and Ben Bryant in their recent report for the DfE.

Document highlights: How safe are our children?

Despite a dramatic increase in reported sexual offences against children, neglect remains the most common form of child abuse across the UK, says the NSPCC in their comprehensive analysis of child protection data for 2013/14.

Document highlights: Using singing to nurture children’s hearing

Hearing impaired children benefit from a sustained programme of singing activities, according to this research report by the UCL Institute of Education.

Document highlights: Inequalities in education

Inequality in education has become worse in Northern Ireland since 2007, according to this report by the Equality Commission, which highlights continuing and persistent underachievement by working-class Protestant children, and wider male underachievement in education.


ECJ 5.3 Newsreel

Children not taught the basics of speech at home; government launches new online tool to support parents on key issues; bans on school smartphone usage improve test scores; and more.

Document highlights: Making good use of TAs

Teaching assistant deployment continues to be an important part of the way that many pupils with SEN receive interventions and additional support. We summarise the Education Endowment Foundation report, ‘Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants’, which is a beneficial summary of what does and doesn’t work when it comes to TAs.

Document highlights: Draft guidance on FGM

The government has produced the guidance ‘Draft Multi-Agency Statutory Guidance on Female Genital Mutilation.’ The information is aimed at all those who have a statutory duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. We summarise its key points.