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Implementing Minecraft in the classroom

How can games like Minecraft be used to enrich the everyday learning experience? Tracy Broadbent looks at the power of Minecraft for maths, literacy and more.​

Developing programming skills - the Raspberry Pi programming competition

A robot dog, an automatic prescription dispenser and a system that tracks the user’s eye movements to control their computer. These are previous winners of a nationwide Raspberry Pi programming competition – and it’s back once again for 2016! What will your pupils dream up?

How teachers can counter cyberbullying

Despite a decline in bullying overall, cyberbullying is on the rise. What can schools do to keep children safe? Sam Pemberton looks at the power of technology to help teachers distinguish between harmless 'banter' and more sinister online messaging.



Making use of digital platforms

From communication, resilience and teamwork, to the so called 'dead' art of Microsoft Office, digital classrooms can be the perfect space for young people to develop the skills employers are most looking for. Sharon Ashley and Matt Rogers explain more.

Hands up who doesn’t use Facebook?

Professor Steven van Belleghem explores the technological and social changes that are going to shape Facebook, as well as their wider strategy that is sure to impact the lives of teachers and pupils alike…

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How 3D printing technology is changing lessons in schools

It’s hard to go a day now without hearing about another exciting story coming out of the 3D printing world – from printing mechanical parts for aeroplanes, to fabrics allowing customers to customise fashion to their taste, to 3D printed skin for medical uses, the technology is undoubtedly changing the way businesses operate across every industry and the offerings available to customers.
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Practical SEO tips for school websites

Parents looking for the best place to send their child to school will often now start with an internet search. But with the mass of information filling pages and pages of search results, how can you help your school stand out from the crowd? Darren Ryan offers practical advice on how to optimise your school website for search engines.
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How will Virtual Reality impact education?

A huge wave of technological advancements has and will continue to affect education. Personalised schooling is soon to be transformed by a surge of innovation, but what effect will this have on the way that we learn – and teach? Laura Cox takes a look at Virtual Reality.
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VLE comparison update

eLU takes an in-depth look at the Virtual Learning Environments available on the market, highlighting the pros and cons of each to help you find the best solution for your school.
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Report Updates

Report summary: The third-level digital divide - Who benefits most from being online?

The internet amplifies existing inequalities across social class, gender and generation, according to this report by the London School of Economics.

Report summary: Teachers’ attitude to the use of mobile technology in classroom

Teachers believe that using mobile technology in class can have a positive impact on a wide range of students’ skills, according to this report by Techknowledge. However, teachers require ongoing training and support to ensure the benefits are maximised

Technology Update


ELU 57 Technology Update: Coding

Coding has been featured very strongly in education, in particular the need for teaching students to create and make code. With coding accounting for half of the computing programme of study, here we present some great apps that will help your students learn!

Study finds apps can benefit pre-schoolers

Apps can foster play and creativity in children aged between 0 and five, but parents need to choose the ones they use carefully, research by the University of Sheffield has found.

ELU 55-56 Technology Update: Connected Classrooms

Here we present our top educational apps that are designed to make classroom teaching that bit more fun and group work a tad more time-efficient and organised!
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