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Reimagining the Teaching Experience: Improving Training Opportunities with VR Classrooms

What if everyone had access to the latest training opportunities and had a chance to build their confidence by practising and testing out new ideas in a safe space? Lorna Burrows from Immersive VR shows how a new initiative is creating space for just that, helping teachers practise the art of teaching through experiential 3D learning.
Teacher showing cartoon cat to young pupils

Virtual reality is a relatively recent phenomenon – and its use in classrooms more recent still. But as the accessibility to headset technology continues to open up, and the versatility of content continues to improve, virtual reality (VR) as an educative tool has become a real talking point. Earlier this year, research was released that found almost all teachers (94 per cent) in the UK thought that VR would benefit classroom teaching – and with the technology becoming increasingly affordable, it’s not difficult to imagine VR becoming commonplace in the classroom within just the next few years. But what about the benefits to teachers themselves? Not just in the subject matter they teach but the actual act of teaching itself, VR holds great potential as a training tool. At Immersive VR, we’ve been working with Ericsson to create a training tool for teachers that opens up possibilities for the future of teachers, as well as students.  

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