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Every teacher, even those who are good or outstanding, can benefit from a mentor to help them continually improve their practice and to find approaches that can transform the potential of their teaching.

The TeachingTimes Library acts as a virtual mentor and allows teachers to search for best practice advice from our unrivalled bank of expert articles, and to receive regular in-depth updates on new approaches in teaching, learning and leadership.

In addition to thousands of articles on best practice articles, the Library also contains Knowledge Banks. These are expertly curated, mini-study courses on a particular practice subject that provide rapid access to deep knowledge. Recent topics have been focused on metacognition, collaborative learning, questioning skills and project-based learning.

> It’s ideal for busy teachers and school leaders

  • All of our best-practice expertise is created with the busy teacher in mind.
  • Articles are short, to the point and full of detail. Plus, with an emphasis on helping schools deal with real-world challenges, you can be confident that the answers you find are evidence-based and have seen results in other schools.
  • Teachers and leaders can conduct keyword searches or browse themed collections of articles and resources in our Knowledge Banks, review past editions of each online journal or look up their favourite education writers. Plus, our e-mail alerts will ensure you are kept up to date on everything that’s new.

Let your staff take charge of their learningthere’s no better CPD spend!

> Membership Includes:

Access for all your staff to all new and existing content and articles from our complete range of best practice journals, including:

  • School Leadership Today is an established and well-respected guide to every aspect of leadership within schools. With essential news, research and analysis of the issues affecting today’s school leaders, this service is dedicated to exploring how to implement policies and initiatives that will raise pupils’ and schools’ performance.
  • Leadership Briefing - It’s not the first cup of coffee that will make sure you’re on the ball every Monday. Start the week with a concise, easy-to-read digest of the most important report findings, academic research and legal briefings, waiting for you in your inbox.
  • Professional Development Today - With articles, research and ‘how to’ guides on what works, this in-schoool professional development resource is aimed at improving school practice in CPD and will help you to implement good practice and staff development. It has world-class writers on professional development, keeping you up-to-date on how to make the most of your most critical resource…teachers!
  • Every Child Journalnow in association with the special needs charity, Achievement for All, explores the territory of special needs, sharing best practice, new policy making and research. We highlight evidence-based practice and new trends to help professionals find their way in a rapidly changing world.
  • Digital Learning - offers a jargon-free approach to engaging school leaders and teachers with the issues, products and possibilities of incorporating technology in schools. It explores current trends in teaching and learning with technology and offer a critical look at the latest tools on the market. The articles focus on creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning with technology.
  • Learning Spaces - This journal specialises in classroom and school design for leaders and how educational establishments are attempting to improve their environments for learning. There is a strong emphasis on maintenance and refurbishment, but the journal also offers critical advice on what designs work best for learning, buying products and materials, as well as legal and technical advice.
  • Creative Teaching and Learning - If you want your staff to know how to develop good thinking and creative skills, practice dialogic teaching and collaborative learning, use imaginative approaches to literacy, embed assessment for learning in all their teaching, as well as a host of other cutting-edge practices, then this is a must for your establishment! Inspiring and thought-provoking articles with practical information, guidance, jargon-free advice and access to teaching ideas and classroom strategies.

Knowledge Banks - Short study courses on specific themes including: Metacognition, Aspiring Black Leaders, New Directions in Behaviour Management, Collaborative Learning, Questioning Skills, Project-Based Learning and Practitioner Research.

Project Based Learning Resources - Support advanced pedagogy in your classrooms with a series of cross-curriculum project plans including: The Victorians, Democracy, The Weather, The Great War, WWII, Conservation and Pole to Pole.

A Multi-User Site licence - Allows all of the staff, governors and users within your school easy access to the full content using just one whole-school login. There are no pay walls to block their way!

CPD Webinars - Here at TeachingTimes, we have access to some to the best educators and classroom practitioners in the country. Now we are bringing them to your screens with our online CPD Webinars! Each webinar goes out live and is recorded for you to download and keep. TeachingTimes Library subscribers can join the live webinars for free!

We will keep you updated on when our new webinar programmes are released.

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