Handwriting Your Way to Self Expression

The science of handwriting analysis has connecting handwriting to personality for thousands of years, but now typing is taking over and not all students are learning to write by hand. Dr Jane Medwell offers research showing how handwriting is an important way for students to tap into their creativity and develop self-expression.
Child writing on black board

A changing landscape

In the age of computers, many parents and teachers ask why handwriting remains important. We live in an era with unprecedented access to technology, and developments in technologically assisted learning have changed the way that children (and adults) learn. However, with all the benefits that technology brings us in this digital age, we risk losing a part of children’s educational experience that is crucial in building so many essential skills: handwriting. We saw earlier this year that there has been a drastic increase in teachers reporting that their pupils cannot hold pens due to overuse of technology (Hill, 2018). Even further, there are more and more reports that children in primary schools are attempting to ‘swipe’ book pages, having become so used to using a tablet to read (Turner, 2018).

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