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Specialising in products that raise standards of teaching and learning using critical and creative approaches

The new TeachingTimes Bookshop has launched with new and exciting products; some produced directly by us and others sourced from around the world by our editors and contributors. The mission is to create and uncover innovative and imaginative resources that can engage children more and develop their critical, creative and social skills. But it is also to provide teachers with the sort of resources and ideas that can re-introduce to them the joys and creativity of teaching after years of National Strategies and SATs!

Dialogue and Discussion
Products such as Listen Up, Talking Pictures, Learning Without Limits and Intelligent Learning all encourage a free flow of ideas between pupils, focusing on dialogue and discussion. Research shows that classroom dialogue and the development of questioning skills in children are key determinants of improving the academic performance of children. Ofsted inspectors have commented on how brilliantly the above products have supported positive developments in the classroom.

Questioning and Guided Curiosity
Through questioning and guided curiosity, children are given ownership of the subjects they are discussing and are therefore more engaged. The Dramatically Different Classroom, Classbuilding, Analyse It! and An Imaginative Approach to Teaching are all titles that follow an enquiry-based approach to the curriculum. Equally, Intelligent Learning can be used to motivate students to become independent and effective learners. Chris Watkins, in the ‘Teaching and Leadership Skills’ section of the catalogue, discusses the issue of learning in Effective Learning in Classrooms and looks at a new way of seeing and managing classrooms.

Imagination, Story Telling and Cross Curriculum Learning
The role of imagination and story telling is theorised brilliantly by Kieran Egan in his books Teaching as Storytelling and Teaching Literacy and is strongly represented in many other resources. Resources such as A River Child and Arctic Stories fire children’s imaginations with a themed, narrative based approach to the curriculum whilst also employing ‘Community of Enquiry’; the approach adopted by the ‘Philosophy For Children’ movement to underpin the teaching of cross-curriculum projects.

Core Skills: Listening and Talking
A vast amount of information is given to children in schools situations, which means that their listening skills are crucial. To be able to progress, youngsters need to be able to absorb and process information quickly and accurately. Listening and speaking with Listening Skills and visual literacy skills in Talking Pictures form a strong element within the catalogue, as do writing skills and debating skills in The Top Ten Thinking Tactics.

Creating Context and Global Citizenship
An expanded section in the Creative Schools Catalogue 2011 offers cross-curriculum projects such as the Amazon Rainforest Caboclo and Revealing China products to supply an array of resources that bring the classroom alive. Books such as Beneath Your Feet look at recycling and environmental issues linking both Geography and Science. A stunning new pack, Who’s Running The Country? asks children to set up their own government and introduces them to discussions about democracy and dictatorship, freedom of speech versus censorship and rights versus responsibilities. Acclaimed general knowledge resources, Famous Ancient Greeks and Famous Scientists and Inventors, continue to promote enquiry based skills and investigative approaches to learning.

The Professional Learning Community
Imaginative Minds Ltd also offers all of your teachers and Leadership team the chance to access our CPD magazines journals, and online services via The Professional Learning Community package. We already sell our subscription based magazines individually to schools. But with The Professional Learning Community all teachers can use our vast Professional Practice Library to launch new projects and approaches in class, lead CPD initiatives for peers or simply research ways to extend their repertoire of teaching skills and strategies.

A deputy head from inner city Birmingham recently described The Professional Learning Community as the ‘Best CPD resource he had ever seen!’ It makes a very strong, and very cost-effective package to make your school an even more exciting place to work and learn!

For further information on any of our products and services, please contact our Customer Services team by email to enquiries@teachingtimes.com or ring us on +44 (0) 121 224 7599.

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