Start Thinking - Spanish

Start Thinking - Spanish

Start Thinking - Spanish Version
By Marcelo Staricoff and Alan Rees

Start Thinking is written by teachers and collects more than 100 thinking-skills starter activities to get children excited about their own thinking and to develop their powers of independent learning. They are arranged into chapters on words, numbers, science, creativity and philosophy so the most appropriate challenge can be chosen for pupils.
ISSN: 1-90480-602-3

We use the term starter to describe a task that greets children as they first enter the classroom in the morning. They start to tackle it as soon as the teacher takes the register. Using the starters encourages pupils to exercise their minds through essential thinking processes such as questioning, comparing, prioritising, recognising patterns and thinking methodically. Teachers are amazed at how much children enjoy the starters and benefit from them.

Starters are providing children, teachers and parents with bucketfuls of fun and some very interesting routes to thinking about the world around them, anything and every thing could be turned into a Starter if viewed and presented in the right way. Thinking skills starters are enjoyable, open-ended challenges suitable for all children.

“…a gem of a book…the authors have plucked out the thinking skills development inherent in the curriculum we already teach.”
Times Education Supplement

“Start Thinking is a delight. It constitutes a significant and practical contribution to the canon of thinking skills resources.”

Gifted Education Start Thinking will bring enjoyment, creativity and challenge to the classroom and improve the thinking skills of pupils. Start the day on a thought and make an immediate difference to teaching and learning.

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