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An established and well-respected guide to every aspect of leadership within schools. With essential news, research and analysis of the issues affecting today’s school leaders, this service is dedicated to exploring how to implement policies and initiatives that will raise pupils’ and schools’ performance.
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Latest Issue No. 9.2 Out Now

What's inside?

Ofsted – Making Sense of the Changes    
Ofsted is changing its inspection framework from 2019 to focus more on teaching quality and less on exam results. We outline what this means.

Autism – Difference, not Deficit
Although autism spectrum behaviours are diverse and individual to the student, there are some simple ways to understand and offer support. Bob Lowndes offers advice and tips.

Questioning and Reflecting – Becoming a Learning-Centred Leader
Becoming a successful leader who can really impact on learning involves helping teachers set up reflective practices. Peter Dudley outlines what it takes to be learning-centred and effective.

Mapping Thinking Across a Trust
Want to find out how your students are thinking? Hanna Miller shows how implementing Thinking Maps throughout a Trust’s schools is having profound and unexpected results.

Empowering Leadership – What it Is and When it Works
Are your staff actually being empowered to be actively involved in their jobs or are they being overburdened by the demands? Allen Lee shows how do find the balance in your leadership style.

Overcoming the Allure of Toxic Leadership  
The directive leadership style being promoted in the current economic-based educational climate is failing to develop individual worth, experience and the professionalism of staff.  Ian Craig presses us to reconsider what leadership is about.  

Reinventing the School – Kingsley Leadership Academy and Education of the Future
How can we give Gen-Z students the necessary skills to be the leaders of tomorrow? Arthur Carnazzi shows how a new leadership academy has reimagined high school education that is relevant to students’ lives and is allowing them to contribute meaningfully to changing the world.

Talking to Learn
If children do not develop their language skills, their thought processes will be impeded. Heather Clements shares ideas for helping students develop communication skills as well as knowledge.

Upping the Ante on Teacher Training - The Virtual Classroom That’s Just for Teachers   
Do you ever wish you could practise before trying out new material or starting with a new class?  Lorna Burrows from Immersive VR shows how new VR technology is helping teachers develop their craft at the highest level.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This – Advocating for Our Children   
Sir Al Aynsley-Green compares the current situation in the UK with other countries, trying to discover why there is such a difference in educational outcomes. He’s convinced that we can and must all work together to improve the future.

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