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An established and well-respected guide to every aspect of leadership within schools. With essential news, research and analysis of the issues affecting today’s school leaders, this service is dedicated to exploring how to implement policies and initiatives that will raise pupils’ and schools’ performance.
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What's inside?

How Senior And Middle Leaders Can Learn To Love Each Other

In the current school climate, where shared leadership at all levels is required, the division of tasks and delegation of decision-making by senior leaders is increasingly becoming critically important for the success of the school. Dr. Nasima Riazat reports.

Black Leaders: A Case For More Research

Everyone knows there is a serious problem in the UK about the lack of black leaders, but, like the issue itself, it is not being addressed by education academics, reports Professor Marianne Coleman.

System leadership and collaboration – a new skillset for leaders?

In this article, Toby Greany describes the development of school-to-school support, networks and partnerships, focussing in particular on recent developments in England. He explores the leadership practices associated with these and argues that school leaders must become adept at working in an environment that incentivises collaborative competition.

A Deeper Look At Mastery

It seems that virtually every school in the country is thinking about Mastery Learning, but, from recent conversations with school leaders, very few of them have a clear understanding of what mastery learning is, reports Heather Clements.

Who Is Leading Our Schools?

Increasing confusion now hangs over the role of school governors. In an era of MATs, Julia Steward unpicks the question of what their role really is?

School Research: The New Frontier

The push for more and better school-led research to improve practice and children’s learning has never been stronger. But many are skeptical about its value.Tim Cain investigates its current role and reception at the coal face.

The Working Class Conundrum

Her own class background has given Professor Sonia Blandford a unique insight into the way working class children fail and what can be done about it.

This is What Inclusion Means To Me

Amy Husband is the head teacher of Clifford Bridge Academy. Here she gives a personal view on what it means to be an inclusive school.

Intervening Early With The Tree of Life - A creative way to help school children talk about themselves

Narrative therapy, children telling the stories of their lives and culture, can be an effective early intervention that prevents more serious mental health issues developing in children. Carl Dutton explains.

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