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An established and well-respected guide to every aspect of leadership within schools. With essential news, research and analysis of the issues affecting today’s school leaders, this service is dedicated to exploring how to implement policies and initiatives that will raise pupils’ and schools’ performance.
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Latest Issue No. 9.5 Out Now

What's inside?

Editorial: Liberal Authoritarianism Is Alive and Well in Education

School Support Companies Are Booming
Academisation and the destruction of local government have created a new industry of service support companies that are looking to fill the gaps led by reorganisation efforts.

Workload and Well-being: It’s More Complex Than You Think  
Teaching is becoming one of the highest stress professions and burnout is rampant. What can be done to help mitigate its effects? Ben White explains why it’s proving harder than everyone thought.

Forget the Teaching Superstars – Bring on the Teams
As a gung-ho young head, Rob Carpenter was in love with systems. It was, he discovered, a big mistake. He now believes that the core of leadership should be based around your relationships with staff and children.

Alternative Provision is Full of Traumatised Children – A New Practice is Needed
Taking into account past experiences and focusing on young people as individuals can have a comparable effect to having trained therapists on staff. Sarah Gillette’s trust is taking a trauma-informed approach to supporting students’ social and emotional wellbeing.

Your New School Might Not Be Right for You
Sometimes the worst thing that can happen isn’t not getting a job you’ve applied for, but getting the wrong job. Jill Berry shows how you can avoid falling into that trap and what to do if you end up in a post that’s not right for you.

Pushing Careers Advice Up to Speed
New guidance from the government is requiring school leadership and governors to be more active in supporting students with career advice and preparation. Glenys Hart’s analysis examines what needs to be covered in order to meet the new targets.

If Your Students Find Maths Difficult, Read This!
Alexandra Riley reports on some new research, highlighting five key ways for school leaders to make maths work for both children and teachers.   
It’s Time Ofsted was Replaced with a System of Trust
How do you address questions of curriculum so that everyone benefits? Probably not the way Ofsted is doing it. David Taylor looks at the issues and offers a model for change.

A Guide to Good Project Work
If cross-curricular projects are done well, they can open students’ hearts and minds, but good projects are few and far between. Jackie Beere passes on some rules of engagement.

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