Leadership Briefings

Leadership Briefings

Reports Summaries - a weekly service of essential summaries, in-depth reports, critical analysis, as well as original source documents to download or view on screen if available.
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In this week's issue:


Holiday Childcare Survey 2016

This report by the Family and Childcare Trust shows that over the summer break parents face both high prices and shortages of childcare, and the situation is worse for certain regions and groups of families.

The Annual Bullying Survey 2017

This research from anti-bullying charity, Ditch the Label, suggests social media is making youngsters more anxious.

The Wellbeing Of Secondary School Pupils With SEN

This DfE report authored by the City University of London, compares levels of happiness and psychological difficulties between children with and without special educational needs (SEN) 2012 to 2013. It finds that certain characteristics of secondary-school children are associated with having SEN; such as being a boy, being eligible for free school meals, having a parent with a long-standing illness or disability or low wellbeing, and being bullied (physically or non-physically).

Understanding Schools' Responses To The Progress 8 Accountability Measure

This DfE survey looks at school leaders' understanding of the Progress 8 measure, strategies that they have introduced to implement it, and the barriers/obstacles that they may have encountered.


Legal Briefing

Teacher Regulation in England – playing fair with Teachers' careers? 

An independent panel of the National College of Teaching and Leadership now hears professional misconduct cases instead of the GTCE.  But their decision can be over-ruled by the Secretary of State of Education or her representative.  This is what happened to Mr Mark Lonnie.


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