Leadership Briefings

Leadership Briefings

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In this week's issue:

The Effect of Student-Teacher Demographic Match on Teacher Expectations.
Teachers are an important source of information for traditionally disadvantaged students. However, little is known about how teachers form expectations and whether they are systematically biased. This report by the American University investigates whether student–teacher demographic mismatch affects high school teachers' expectations for students' educational attainment.

Age At School Entry: How Old Is Old Enough?
A child's age at school entry matters, and the implications of policy changes can have long-lasting effects. This report, published on IZA World of Labor, finds that school entry age has strong effects on outcomes, including test scores, special-needs diagnosis, and leadership.

Is It Enough To Be Bright? Parental Background, Cognitive Ability And Educational Attainment.
Do social factors affect children's educational achievements more than cognitive ability? It could be perceived that social status can be correlated with better life chances and educational achievements for children. But is it all about the social background and income of the parents, or should children's own cognitive abilities be taken into account? This research by the Swedish Institute for Social Research studies 4 key areas of parental social background against children's cognitive ability to decipher their impact on educational outcomes.

Parents' Experiences of Services and Information in the Early Years.
This research by Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission was to gain insight into the activities and advice used by parents of children under four from different backgrounds.

Legal Briefing

Ownership Of Intellectual Property In Education
Britain's universities are gaining wide recognition for producing some of the most promising technology companies around today, with new technology breakthroughs never far from the headlines. This success brings its own complications, one of the most challenging being the ownership of the Intellectual Property (the "IP").


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