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Aspirations may be high, policies well-intentioned, but to those professionals working on the ground, delivering services to meet the needs of disadvantaged children on a shoestring, the gap between the ambitions we have for all children and the practicalities of delivering it has never seemed so daunting.

Every Child journal, now in association with the special needs charity, Achievement for All, explores these territories, sharing best practice, new policy making and research. We highlight evidence-based practice and new trends to help professionals find their way in a rapidly changing world.
ISSN: 2041-0840
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What's Inside?

Supporting the Front Lines
Time to create a culture where teachers can actually do their job.

Averting Disaster
What can schools do to spot and ward off mental health issues? Dr Margot Sunderland shows how teachers are in the perfect position to offer early interventions.

Exclusions – The Uncomfortable Truth Professor Sonia Blandford
Lyng Hall School in Coventry is changing how difficult behaviours are approached. Professor Sonia Blandford shows how a meaningful intervention can have real impact.

Embracing Empathy
Dr Asha Patel and Sal McKeown think it’s time to ditch punitive behaviour models and find more positive ways to help students develop better mental health.

Improving Outcomes with Intelligent Data Management
How can we manage and use the masses of data and information that are now readily available? Marc Ridley shows how taking the correct approach can make a big difference.

Numeracy for Children with Special Educational Needs: Part II. 
What approaches work best for developing strong numeracy skills for students with special needs? Professor Haakan Sari and his research team share results from a recent study in Turkey.

Capturing the Power of Play
Play-based learning is the norm in Early Years’ learning, but not beyond. Maureen Hunt highlights how easing the transition from play to formal learning strategies can make a big difference in the lives of young children.

Ambitious Alternatives—Changing the Narrative of Disadvantage
Dr David Armstrong shows how ambitious plans, good teaching and effective leadership can overcome context and social challenge.

Boosting Access to Reading Resources
Sue Ball and Stella The bridge discuss how public libraries and school library services are great resources for helping to raise the attainment and aspirations of children and young people

Surviving the Stress of Dyslexia
Dyslexic students must grapple with huge challenges relating to reading, writing, spelling, concentration, processing, perception, organisation and memory. What happens when they don’t receive the support they need?  Dr Jonathan Beckett offers some case studies and makes a case for a more compassionate and concerted effort.

Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2018—What do you Need to Know?
Have you seen the latest safeguarding guidance from the DfE? Carlene Firmin from EduCare highlights the key changes.    


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