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Aspirations may be high, policies well-intentioned, but to those professionals working on the ground, delivering services to meet the needs of disadvantaged children on a shoestring, the gap between the ambitions we have for all children and the practicalities of delivering it has never seemed so daunting.

Every Child journal, now in association with the special needs charity, Achievement for All, explores these territories, sharing best practice, new policy making and research. We highlight evidence-based practice and new trends to help professionals find their way in a rapidly changing world.
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Latest Issue No. 7.4 Out Now! Here's what's inside...

Editorial by Professor Sonia Blandford:

Social Mobility: Chance or Choice?
We need to create a culture where young people have real choices right from the beginning of their education. I believe that if we are serious about increasing social mobility and improving the lives of all children and young people, providing real chances and choices underpinned by mutuality is the key.

The Devastating Stagnation of Social Mobility in Britain
The latest report from the Social Mobility Commission shows a complex and disturbing picture, revealing Britain to be one of the least equal and least socially mobile of the developed nations. Commissioner Sammy Wright reports on the state of play.

Why a Tailored Approach is Key to Stress-Free Progress (Open access article)
harlotte Gater Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning, explores how the right extra-curricular tuition can support the development of students with special needs and help them thrive in all areas of life.

Meeting Complex Needs with a Good, Old-Fashioned Cuppa
Tea and toast sessions at King’s Stanley primary provide a nurturing setting for vulnerable children to take a time out from the pressures of the classroom while developing important social and emotional skills. Kerryanne Hollis reports.

Raising Maths Standards Through Play
How can we motivate students who are behind in maths to up their game? Christine Edge-Sayer shows how a new play-based approach is inspiring excellence in students who were previously struggling. 

Countering the Failures of the School System for Autistic Students (Open access article)
here is often a sense that children with complex needs are unable to make progress, but Michael Bogg shows how by addressing students’ individual situations and developing their well-being and self-esteem, real progress is not only possible, but inevitable.

Unravelling the Paradoxes of Self-Directed Education
The National Curriculum is not the only way to get an education, and some even think it’s actually an undesirable one. Caitlin Harrison and Brenton Hague explain how Self-Directed Education is allowing their family to pursue an educational path of connection, compassion, creativity and innovation.

Childfile: It’s Time for a New Approach to Battling Underachievement
A primary school in Northwest England has implemented a whole school approach to improving resilience and independence for its pupil premium students. Could these strategies work for your school as well?

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