Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Digital Learning replaces e-Learning Update to better align with our strengths and the needs of our readership.

Digital Learning aims to engage school leaders and teachers with the issues, products and possibilities of incorporating technology in schools. We explore current trends in teaching and learning with technology and offer a critical look at the latest tools on the market. The articles focus on creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning with technology.

The Digital Learning Service updates your staff on the latest blogs and ICT tools, as well as articles on creatively implementing technology into subject teaching and guidance on navigating policy changes and the challenges of our time.
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What's Inside?

Transforming the Classroom with Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

How can we bring the benefits of VR into the classroom? With these apps, students can be transported to new places and challenged to think in multiple dimensions.

Encouraging Excellence with Digital Schools Awards

Does your school have a framework for digital best practices? Anna Doody and Ann-Marie Whelan show how a new awards scheme in Scotland is helping schools up their tech game for whole-school excellence.

Constructing Narratives in the History Classroom

How can digital tools be leveraged for teaching history and citizenship? Shawn McCusker and Tom Driscoll share practical ideas and digital platforms for modernising the history classroom.

Countering the Dark Side of Tech – Encouraging Healthy Media Habits

Do we really need to worry about students being addicted to technology? It’s becoming apparent that the downsides of media consumption and technology use can cause real damage to people’s lives. A report by Laurel Felt and Michael Robb with Common Sense Media shows what to watch for and offers strategies to help students develop a healthy relationship with their devices.

Reimagining the Teaching Experience

Imagine how great it would be if new teachers had a safe space to develop their art of teaching and get real-time feedback before they face the demands of a real class. Lorna Burrows shows how new VR technology is making this a reality and is improving the lives of teachers and students all over the world.

Sleuthing the Gaps in Students’ Literacy

Are the shortcomings in students’ independent research from a lack of developmental ability or a lack of a sound knowledge base of research techniques. Dr Andrew Shenton shares his research on where students are struggling with information literacy.

Harnessing Intellectual Potential – AI and Dyslexia

Artificial intelligence technology is improving the quality and scope of voice recognition options, which are transforming the lives and educational experience of many dyslexic students. Mark Geremia of Nuance Dragon reports on the latest technology.

Empowering Students with Improved Approaches to EdTech

Casey Farquharson from IDEAS Bus talks about connecting technology to students’ social and psychological lives for all around success and wellbeing. Preparing students for the modern world requires more than simply access to technology.

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