Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Digital Learning replaces e-Learning Update to better align with our strengths and the needs of our readership.

Digital Learning aims to engage school leaders and teachers with the issues, products and possibilities of incorporating technology in schools. We explore current trends in teaching and learning with technology and offer a critical look at the latest tools on the market. The articles focus on creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning with technology.

The Digital Learning Service updates your staff on the latest blogs and ICT tools, as well as articles on creatively implementing technology into subject teaching and guidance on navigating policy changes and the challenges of our time.
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What's Inside?

Tapping In to the Inner Inventor – The Importance of Making in Computing
Maker education is a great way to help students solve authentic problems and collaborate with others. Oliver Quinlan highlights how children are using maker initiatives to solve big problems.

Nurturing Mental Health with Wellbeing Apps for Young People
Student wellbeing is a crucial part of many schools’ curricula as incidents of anxiety, stress and depression are having a widespread impact and suggesting a mental health crisis at all levels of education. We explore ways of supporting students to navigate this difficult territory with the latest offering of wellbeing apps.  

Getting Started with Social Media in the Classroom
How are students going to learn to use social media effectively if they don’t get shown how? Shawn McCusker offers several tips and ideas for making it a part of the modern teaching arsenal.  

Improving Access and Inclusivity One Step at a Time
In this interview, Chris Rothwell from Microsoft Education shares his thoughts on what successful schools are doing to implement technology and talks about Microsoft’s new directions in the edtech arena.

Riding the Light – Improving Bandwith with LiFi
A school in Scotland has piloted some new technology that provides internet connectivity through lighting. Professor Harald Haas explains what he has termed ‘LiFi’ and how it is transforming the digital realm.

Starting Out With Grid Algebra in KS1
Maths technology for young people often focuses on drills and repetition. Alison Parish shows us how the Grid Algebra software developed by the Association of Teachers of Mathematics can help students visualise maths concepts and challenge themselves to make higher level connections.  

Active Music Making in the Special Needs Classroom
Making music is a powerful experience that is often not available to students with physical difficulties. Carrie Lennard shares how her Improvise Approach is making both technology and music available to students with all levels of disability.

Adapting to AI in Education – Critical Questions for Educators
Artificial and adaptive intelligence is transforming education in powerful and dramatic ways, but do we really know what we’re dealing with? Harbir Kaur looks at the current state of affairs and suggests some areas that might be worth some vigilance.  

New on the Scene
Wondering about the latest tools and products? Our editor rounds up some of the latest offerings in this regular feature.

Enhancing Child Development Instead of Replacing It
Lowell Monke explores three largely ignored issues that arise from the ongoing human-technology relationship that children and educators are faced with.

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