Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Digital Learning replaces e-Learning Update to better align with our strengths and the needs of our readership.

Digital Learning aims to engage school leaders and teachers with the issues, products and possibilities of incorporating technology in schools. We explore current trends in teaching and learning with technology and offer a critical look at the latest tools on the market. The articles focus on creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning with technology.

The Digital Learning Service updates your staff on the latest blogs and ICT tools, as well as articles on creatively implementing technology into subject teaching and guidance on navigating policy changes and the challenges of our time.
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What's Inside?

Editorial: What does it mean to be digitally literate?
Computing GCSEs diminishing as programmes cut, Apps and email tethering teachers to work at all hours, and Government EdTech strategy includes tech company collaboration.

Rethinking ‘Sext Education’
New research from Birmingham universities explores the perilous world of sexting and teens. Dr Jerome Turner and the project’s research team share the findings and look at how we need to rethink our conversations on this topic. 

Simplifying Assessment with Feedback and Grading Apps
Grading students’ work has long been the bane of teachers’ existence, but some new apps and platforms are trying to lighten the load. Our editor summarises her top picks in this regular apps feature.

Building Fluency and Independence with Learning by Questions
Managing differentiation and independent learning can be tricky, but some new software is changing all that. Year 6 teacher Ashley Booth shows how his classes are benefitting from this new technology.

H5P – Creating Interactive Resources for the Primary Classroom
Creating interactive digital resources is easier than you think. Daniel Scott shows how H5P can help you diversify your learning content.

Moving Intelligence Forward with AI
AI is making great inroads into society and is beginning to impact on education. Professor Rose Luckin shares a model of intelligence that will help us navigate this new territory.

Dive Right In with VR Tech
Digital Learning’s ed tech master Shawn McCusker presents a quick-start guide to creating with VR, setting up a virtual tour using Google’s Street View and Tour Creator.  

Gamifying the Grind for Reluctant Maths Students
Christine Edge-Sayer shows how using game-based, personalised learning tools are motivating SEND students to overcome their aversion to maths.

Exploiting the Potential of Classroom Tech
Michael Kimber of Broadclyst School explains how his school is making the most of the available classroom tech and empowering teachers to embrace technology in all areas of their teaching.

Cultivating Curiosity Through Robotics Play
Tabi Bude shows how a new robot is teaching students about coding in a fun and playful way.

New on the Scene
Wondering about the latest tools and products? Our editor rounds up some of the latest offerings in this regular feature.

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