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What's Inside?

Method, Madness and Meaning: Shakespeare and Play

Is Shakespeare appropriate for primary school students? The artistic director of the Primary Shakespeare Company explains why it’s not just beneficial, but essential, to the lives of young people.

Making Meaning in Early Years Art

What can nursery-aged children gain from self-directed art practice? Sue Lyle highlights some of the benefits from a programme in Sweden, where a child-centred approach encourages ‘meaning making’ at the heart of arts and crafts activities.

Laying the Foundations for Young Thinkers

How can we get students to associate creativity and happiness with learning? Marcelo Staricoff suggests that launching the academic year with a dedicated ‘Learning to Learn Week’ can set up your classroom for year-long success and motivated students.

Innovating with Minecraft

Is Minecraft only for gaming geeks? Gaming and learning professor Seann Dikkers thinks this is definitely not the case, and he offers a profile of some creative, design-minded teachers who are finding innovative ways to implement Minecraft in the curriculum.

Diversifying Game Design and Inspiring the Next Generation

Tim Hunter shows how the BAFTA Young Game Designers competition is changing the playing field and encouraging students and teachers to develop their game design and development skills.

Creative Computing – Encouraging Artistry and the Freedom to Fail

How does failure allow students to learn more deeply? Computing teacher Dave Chilver shares his creative approach for letting students learn from their mistakes.

Gaming it Up

Game design is not just for techies – it’s a great way to motivate students to work through complex problems and develop high level thinking skills. Here’s a compendium of resources to get your students using their design skills in a variety of contexts and at any stage and ability.

Teaching Tenacity – Creating a Deliberate Practice

Developing mindsets in students that will help them to achieve in all areas of their life is a crucial part of education. Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer explain how to develop tenacious students who are prepared to succeed.

Opening Doorways to STEAM Learning

How can arts and imagination be brought to STEM subjects? Becky Sage shares how VR and interdisciplinary technology can change the science classroom.

Decoding Maths in the New Curriculum

Are your students enjoying the new maths curriculum? Barbara Miller gives some ideas for approaching some of the new KS3 maths strands.

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