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What's Inside?

The Urban Playground

 Can PE be a creative subject? Barry He shows how parkour training develops agility and imagination.

 Freeing Minds

Is there more to life in Sixth Form than A Levels? Roland Martin explains how university-styled seminar classes are broadening students’ horizons and injecting creativity into the classroom.

The Joy of Not Knowing Even More – Marcelo Staricoff

How can students become agents of their own learning environment? Marcelo Staricoff shares some examples of student leaders engaging with a JONK whole-school approach.

Sound Learning for Every Child

Does the sound environment in your classroom support students’ learnin Dr Anita Collins shares research from the field of neuromusic to explain how sound learning is fundamental to a child’s educational development.

Platinum Film Buffs– Paul Scowcroft

Northern Ireland primary teacher Paul Scowcroft explains how he uses films in his classroom to encourage critical thinking skills and win awards.

‘We’re stuck!’ Creating an interactive theatrical mathematical adventure

Providing students with the tools to develop a mindset that supports maths learning is crucial for success. Alexandra Fitzsimmons and Sarah Punshon describe how they use theatre to get young students primed for maths.

Playing the Players

Is Shakespeare really relevant to today’s students? Joanne Skapinker thinks so and shows how a great theatre initiative is developing confidence and motivation in students to improve literacy and come to own the wisdom, humour and power of Shakespeare’s words for themselves.

Mastery Learning is where it’s at

What’s so great about Mastery Learning? Heather Clements offers an in-depth look and tips for creating a Mastery Classroom.

Coding Real-World Metaphors

According to Daniel Sydes, real-world metaphors and creative approaches are key to teaching the new curriculum. 

Practising Biology 

How can students relate to cellular organisation, respiration and gas exchange in their biology classes? Mary Howell shares ideas for connecting the curriculum to students’ experience and interests.

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