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Project Based Learning – Tudors – Literacy Plans

These six lesson plans have been designed to support the teaching of literacy through the theme of The Tudors.

Lesson Plans include: Wars of the Roses, The Babington Plot, Writing a biography, Tudor inventories, Diary of a Queen and Pinpointing.

Literacy Lesson 1: Wars of the Roses
Aims of the lesson: For this lesson the children are asked to write notes on how the Tudor Dynasty began using pictures instead of words.

Literacy Lesson 2: The Babington Plot
Aims of the lesson: To develop word and letter recognition skills using ciphers.

Literacy Lesson 3: Writing a biography
Aims of the lesson: To research and write a biography of a famous person.

Literacy Lesson 4: Tudor inventories
Aims of the lesson: To write an inventory.

Literacy Lesson 5: Diary of a Queen
Aims of the lesson: To write a personal diary.

Literacy Lesson 6: Pinpointing
Aims of the lesson: To pick out important information from a given text and list it.


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