New drive to protect children from twisted ideologies


Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has announced a package of measures to protect children from extremism.

Parents and teachers will now be able to access help to protect children from radical views via a new 'Educate Against Hate' website, offering advice on preventing extremism as part of a government drive to protect children from the “spell of twisted ideologies”.

The online resource will offer parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice to protect children from the dangers of extremism, drawing on resources and guidance designed by the government and charities such as the NSPCC and Childnet.

The Education Secretary also announced:

• a significant escalation of Ofsted investigations into unregistered, illegal independent schools, following the closure of 3 unregistered schools in Birmingham before Christmas
• a new tougher approach to prosecuting illegal unregistered schools, including publishing details of when the government will take forward prosecutions and a call to local authorities to identify any settings of concerns that Ofsted can follow through, with a commitment to strengthen closure powers
• a consultation on registering children that go missing from school, improving information shared between schools and local authorities, to reduce the risk that children taken out of school go missing, following Ofsted inspections of schools in Tower Hamlets and Birmingham last year.

Speaking it Bethnal Green Academy, an East London school, Nicky Morgan said: "Educate Against Hate will provide teachers and parents with the expertise they need to challenge radical views and keep their children safe. Our tougher stand against illegal schools will help prevent children from falling under the grasp of extremists. And by improving intelligence on where children go when they deregister from schools we will help prevent future incidents of young, promising children falling under the spell of twisted ideologies.

“There will be no single knockout blow against those who seek to corrupt young people - but the action we are taking to protect children, inform parents and support teachers will put us firmly on the front foot.”

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