Consultation launched on transforming failing schools


A consultation has been launched on proposals to speed up the transformation of failing schools and schools that are deemed to be ‘coasting’.

The new powers will allow the government to swiftly intervene and turn around failing schools. The measures, say the government, will sweep away the bureaucracy previously exploited by opponents with ideological objections who could delay or obstruct the process by which academy sponsors take over to improve the running of schools.

In some cases, campaigners have delayed intervention by drawing out debates, refusing to provide important information and blocking vital decisions.

Schools also eligible for intervention will be those which fall within a new definition of ‘coasting’ where performance data shows that, year on year, they are failing to ensure their pupils reach their potential.

Unlike failing schools, where there is no question that swift intervention is required, coasting schools will be offered help.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said: "Over the course of the last Parliament, we saw a million more pupils in good or outstanding schools. The measures outlined in this consultation will focus on the next million, extending opportunity to young people right across the country."

The consultation seeks views on the proposed definition of a mainstream school which is coasting as well as the options for developing a coasting definition for special schools and for pupil referral units.

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