Independent college of teaching announced


Plans to support the set-up of a new, independent, professional body to represent and champion high standards in the teaching profession have been announced by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan and Schools Minister David Laws.

The aims is that the creation of a new professional body, led and owned by teachers themselves will bolster the professional status of teaching - placing teaching on an equal footing with high-status professions like law and medicine - and support the profession to grow and learn.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said: “We want to work with the profession to raise standards because there can be no more important job than being a teacher. They are a crucial part of our plan for education and vital to the success of our long-term economic plan, as they prepare the next generation of pupils for life in modern Britain.”

The government is proposing a number of ways in which it might play a role in supporting the initial set-up of a college of teaching while guaranteeing its long-term independence. This could include providing start-up funding as well as non-financial support while the new organisation beds in.

Over time it is expected that the new body might take on greater responsibility for areas such as professional standards and continuous professional development, moving stewardship of the profession out of the hands of the government and to the profession.

School Leadership Today