1 in 10 British teachers take term-time holidays


A study by an online travel agency has revealed that one in ten British teachers has lied so they could take a holiday during term-time.

The research by sunshine.co.uk shows 11% have falsified reasons to get away from the classroom, with the vast majority of dishonest teachers faking an illness.

Male teachers were worse than women, and the average length of time they all took was five days, the study found.

But while most got away with it, a quarter were found out and nearly half of those faced disciplinary action on their return.

Of those who admitted lying, 75% feigned illness and 61% even went to the lengths of getting a note from a doctor.

Almost 16% cited family problems, while 3% said their pet was sick or had died, and transport issues were the excuse for 2%.

The study also found that most teachers thought it was unfair that parents were unable to take their children on holiday during term-time.

In addition, the vast majority (81%) said they didn't feel it had a negative impact on a child's education.


February 2016

School Leadership Today