Supply teachers in high demand


High demand from UK schools for supply teachers is driving up their wage expectations, as schools put permanent hires on hold.

The survey by giant group, the umbrella employment provider, reveals that 77% of supply teachers expect their pay to increase in the next year, while just 14% expect pay freezes - down from 26% last year.

Matthew Brown, Managing Director of giant says: “Schools are having to keep a very close eye on their budgets, which means permanent headcount is under the microscope. Even those schools that have not implemented formal freezes are making permanent hires only as a last resort because their budgets are being squeezed.

"Supply teachers are in high demand at present, and should remain in demand as long as the Government’s austerity drive continues.”

The survey also reveals that long term joblessness amongst supply teachers is falling: 90% of supply teachers are spending less than a month between contracts, compared to 83% over the same period last year.

While supply teachers remain confident about the job prospects for the coming year, the majority (66%) would still prefer a longer-term contract higher hourly pay, up from 53% last year.