How to make pupil tracking fast, simple and effective


On 1st December, Sue Hackman popped in to the office to discuss her Climbing Frames pupil progress tracking app.

The assessment tool gives schools fast and effective assessment and far-reaching data. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to film the conversation!

Sue chats with our education consultant, Lee Barrett, about how the app gives school leaders detailed data, and covers the progress information that Ofsted need to know. And, more importantly, how the Climbing Frames assessment app is easy for teachers to use.   

In fact, Sue’s main requirement for the software is that it is so simple to understand that even she can use it!

Save teachers time

The progress tracker has been born from Sue’s frustration that many of the progress trackers on the market are geared towards churning out huge piles of data. But none of them take into account the amount of time and energy that teachers need to give up in order to record all this often unneeded information.

Sue’s system makes recording progress fast and fuss-free. And reporting gives a mix of intense, detailed reports for management and quicker, at-a-glance results.  

By a careful analyse of the new national curriculum, Sue has given teachers an extensive range priority objectives that show where pupils are making progress, without swamping teachers in unnecessary detail.

Developmental for pupils

While the app is simple to use and data-rich, it also gives opportunities to answer developmental issues for pupils and teachers.

The app’s totally unique Thinking and Learning frames means that teachers can track each pupil’s cognitive development, alongside mapping the dry, knowledge-based progress from the national curriculum.

Further, Sue has made sure that the Climbing Frames assessment app is fully inclusive. As well as mapping pupil progress across key stages one to three, the app features distinctive Pre-Levels.

Sue wrote these as an equivalent to p-levels. They ensure that you can include children who aren’t working to the new National Curriculum objectives in progress tracking.

A large group of children are starting school well below these tougher objectives. Using the Pre-Levels, you have a tool that includes these children in progress mapping. Special schools are finding these pre-levels an essential tool for tracing progress for their pupils for this reason.  

Developmental for teachers

An exciting aspect of the Climbing Frames app is that it goes beyond being a simple measurement tool. As Sue explains in the video, a huge benefit of collaborating with Imaginative Minds is our work with schools to embed critical and creative thinking into schools.

This mission means that schools using Climbing Frames can access best practice expertise directly from the app.

Teachers can select a further reading function directly within each subject frame. This links to specially commissioned subject-specific expertise that gives solid advice on teaching and engagement strategies.

The app also links to the Best Practice Library. You can access this powerful collection of best practice articles through Climbing Frames app.

You can watch the full discussion on our website, here.

You can also book a demonstration of the app. It is the best way to see how Sue has turned the new curriculum into thorough priority objectives. And see how it combines simplicity with powerful and extensive reporting for school leaders.  

Book your demo here.

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