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The articles are based around West-Burnham’s latest research, examining how school leadership can be refocussed around the three Es:

Equity – it is not enough to ensure that every child goes to school, every child has the right to go to a good school and have access to the most appropriate teaching and learning. 

Excellence – there has to be a commitment to ensuring that the school system operates to secure the optimum outcomes for every learner and that there is a clear understanding of the nature of excellent outcomes and strategies to ensure that all may access them.

Effectiveness – resources are managed in such a way as to maximise their impact on the achievement of equity and excellence, for example the most effective teachers work with the most vulnerable children.

Plus, coming up Focus on: Assessment

The end of levels and the requirement for all schools to come up with a new way to track and measure pupil progress is a big topic.

Read formative assessment expert, Shirley Clarke, on Assessment for Learning in a new era.

Plus, Sue Hackman, former Chief Adviser on School Standards at the DfE, introduces her brand new framework for tracking pupil progress – Climbing Frames.

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