More children starting school ready to learn


New figures reveal more 5-year-olds than ever before are achieving the expected standards in maths and literacy during their first year of school.

Statistics show that more than two-thirds of children aged 5 are making good progress against the early years foundation stage profile - a framework for the early years (under 5s) which ensures all children are prepared and ready for school and life.

The figures show that an extra 38,600 number of 5-year-olds are reaching the expected level of development in maths and literacy, as well as in prime areas of personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language.

This means they can count to 20, describe weight and shapes in everyday language, write their own name and read simple sentences, as well as play confidently with their friends - skills which are vital to fulfilling their potential.

The figures also show that:

  • 70% of children achieved at least the expected level in all early learning goals in literacy and 75% in maths
  • girls continue to outperform boys in all early learning goals, with 74.3% of girls achieving the expected level of development compared with 58.6% of boys
  • the attainment gap between the lowest attaining children and their classmates continues to decrease to 32.1%