Special free schools breach fundamental human rights


The Alliance for Inclusive Education has condemned government free schools for reversing the integration of disabled students into mainstream education.

The Alliance said that it was deeply concerned about the approval of three new free schools that are aimed at vulnerable and disabled children, as they represented a reversal of policy to integrate disabled students into mainstream education.

The Alliance said that the move to open free schools specifically designed for disabled children will constitute a reduction of their inclusive education.
Director of ALLFIE, Tara Flood, said: "It is clear the government is determined to reverse the well evidenced progress that has been made towards inclusion over the last three decades.
“Current government policy to reverse what they think is a bias towards inclusion ignores what parents and disabled people want, it rejects the advice being given by the community and voluntary sector and worse than that, it breaches a fundamental human rights obligation."

The Alliance said that the creation of these free schools at a time of local government austerity and “decimating cuts” to local authority services would make it more difficult for parents to send their children to schools in the public sector.
It added that the decision can only make it much worse for parents who want their disabled child to be included in a local mainstream school, as resources will have to be redirected from existing services to subsidise these new free schools.

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