Bringing social justice into the classroom


Engage your pupils in global activism with the Students Stand #WithMalala programme—and discover the power they have to change the world.

As teachers and education practitioners, we all connect with the critical importance of education for all. In so many countries around the world, girls are still not able to attend school for a wide range of different reasons, dramatically limiting their opportunities and potential. But how can we engage our students here in the UK with this global reality? How can we bring to life the importance of access to education for every girl, and engage them with social justice, activism and advocacy at the same time?

Malala Yousafzai is now an internationally-recognised advocate for girls’ education. UK teachers now have the opportunity to bring her passion and conviction into their classrooms with new, free teaching resources and film clips from the feature-length documentary He Named Me Malala.

All the resources are available from Monday 5 September and written for English teachers across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. The project comes from a collaboration between the Malala Fund and education programme Doc Academy, which provides resources and film clips to schools across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All plans are curriculum linked, and an Activity Toolkit provides breakout activities and ideas for students to think about their own causes and issues, and create campaigns and build awareness—to follow in Malala’s footsteps and make their voices heard.

He Named Me Malala is such a great film for teachers because it focuses on the absolute importance of education for all, and the possibility of real change through action. It shows young people what’s possible when it comes to social change, and what it means to make your voice heard and speak up for what you believe in.

The resources give imaginative tasks and activities for teachers to guide students through those thought processes themselves—to explore their responses to a range of social issues. The film really allows students to engage with Malala and her cause, and the resources will hopefully leverage that engagement so that change and action become more familiar and accessible concepts in schools and communities across the UK.

Doc Academy have free copies of the full-length film, He Named me Malala, on DVD to send to teachers. Stock is limited, however, so register for your free copy as soon as possible at

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