Third of parents confident that websites support curriculum


A new survey has revealed that although nearly all parents of primary school-aged children use the internet for homework, only 30% are confident that their preferred site supported the new National Curriculum.

The survey, carried out by publisher DK, shows there is no doubt the internet has become the biggest library in the world. According to the survey over 95% of parents of primary school-aged children head online for homework research. 58% of parents said they primarily went to Wikipedia or ‘just googled it’ to find what they needed. 

However, when it came to parents knowing whether their preferred homework site supported the new National Curriculum that came in at the start of September 2014, nearly 70% didn’t know whether it did or said it definitely didn’t, leaving less than a third of children using trusted Curriculum linked sites.

The use of search engines and collaborative information sites, with their sometimes confusing and unreliable information, prompted just under half (46%) of respondents to say they had concerns about their children going online.

Over half of parents surveyed (52%) said that the safety of their children online while researching homework, and being able to link to other sites too easily, was their primary concern. Other concerns included information being inaccurate and untrusted as well as non-age appropriate for their children.

Regardless of the type of site, nearly half of parents (49%) said they wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving their children alone to use their preferred homework research site.

School Leadership Today