Half of all secondaries becoming academies


A majority of secondary schools are now academies or have applied to be so, according to official figures.

There are 1,283 open secondary Academies, equating to 39% of all state secondary schools. A total of 50.3% of state secondary schools are either open or in the pipeline to become Academies. This is a total of 1,641 secondary schools out of 3,261.

This means that 50.3% of secondaries no longer have official ties with their local authority. Critics argue that academies are unaccountable and undemocratic as they have no link with locally-elected education authorities which provide support services to schools in their area and manage admissions. However, ministers say academy status gives head teachers the power to innovate and improve the standard of education on offer without undue interference.

With primary schools included there are 1,776 Academies now open. This represents around an eight-fold increase in the total number of Academies open since May 2010 when there were just 203 open Academies after 13 years of Labour Government. That means that over 1.45 million pupils now attend an Academy.

Since June 2010, 2,083 schools have applied to convert to become Academies. There are 464 open primary Academies, equating to 2.8% of all primary schools. A total of 5% of state primary schools are either open or in the pipeline to become Academies.

Schools Minister Lord Hill said: “In Academies, head teachers – not politicians or bureaucrats – are in charge of what happens in the school. I am delighted that the majority of secondary schools in England are seizing this independence by becoming an Academy.”

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