School holidays exhausting for 50% of British parents


A new study has revealed that British parents reach their 'breaking point' by August, having run out of ways to amuse their children.

While most parents say they look forward to the summer holidays and spending quality time with the children, around four out of ten describe it as 'hard work'.

The research, which was carried out on behalf of Family and Friends Railcard among more than 1,500 parents with school age children, found just over half of families have their activity plan in place by the time the children break up from school.

While children may have been eagerly awaiting the holidays, the survey revealed only one in five mums and dads similarly look forward to the challenge.

There is a silver lining during the period however, with one in six saying they enjoyed holidays because it meant they didn't have to embark on the school run every morning and a similar number said mornings were far less stressful in general.

The study also found that one in ten admitted they like the holidays because they can lie-in rather than get up early.

As little as just six per cent said they managed to fill the entire holidays with exciting activities.

Around three quarters of those who took part said there came a point when the money ran out with 28 days into the holidays emerging as the average.

Forty five per cent of parents look forward to the children returning to school after the summer holidays.

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