NASUWT name & shame rogue supply teacher agencies


Supply staff have been warned to beware of unscrupulous supply teacher agencies after concerns were raised by NASUWT.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of NASUWT, said that supply teachers had expressed deep anger about their treatment at the hands of private sector supply agencies.

She claimed that many offshore umbrella companies are forcing supply teachers in to signing dubious contracts which seek to deny them basic legal and rights entitlements. It was suggested that this allows these agencies to avoid their tax and national insurance liabilities.

More than three-quarters of supply teachers polled by the NASUWT said they had been asked to sign contracts with tax-avoiding umbrella companies or face the prospect of being denied access to work.

“This is a perennial problem,” said Darryl Mydat, managing director of TLTP Education, “and it is why supply teachers particularly should stick to agencies that have committed themselves to best practice and to standards laid down by the DfES.

"We agree with the NASUWT’s assertion that the government must impose robust regulation of supply agencies to guarantee employment rights and high quality teaching provision to our schools. However, at a time when the government has abandoned its Quality Mark accreditation for recruitment agencies from the end of this month, I am not hopeful."

School Leadership Today