Head teachers to publish rival school league tables


Head teachers are to start publishing their own rival school league tables from this autumn and will focus on GCSEs.

This comes after years of complaining that the government league tables were too crude and virtually all teachers’ organisations calling for league tables to be scrapped.

The new tables will be published two months earlier, giving parents more time to use them as they select a school for their child, and they will include what they call more parent-friendly and non-exam information.

For instance, it will be possible to find out how many pupils at a school play a musical instrument and what sporting opportunities are available.

The head teachers are combining with one of the country’s leading academy chains, United Learning, and PiXL, an organisation dedicated to securing school improvements, to publish the tables.

Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said: "Schools must be accountable but the Government’s performance tables have become a sledgehammer to crack the system, too often serving political aims rather than pupils’ needs."

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