66 Primary Schools Opt for Imaginative Mind's Professional Learning Community


Affinity Teaching School Alliance (TSA), a primary school partnership of 66 schools in Leicestershire and Rutland has opted to buy the Professional Learning Community (PLC) service from Imaginative Minds, for all its member schools.

The decision follows closely on Bradford Partnership deciding to subscribe to the PLC for all its Secondary schools.

The Research and Innovation working group for Affinity TSA reviewed the PLC for a month and having discussed it with key members of the group moved quickly to order the service for its members.

Initially, James Brown, Business Development Manager for Affinity TSA said:

“Our Headteachers felt that this may not be the right time to buy into

a major service at this cost. After reviewing the learning platform they
were so impressed that they wanted to press ahead immediately.
They were delighted that there were so many quality articles and
so much expertise on offer which they could give directly to the staff.”

"What our Headteachers particularly liked was the way the articles
were designed to be read by practitioners; they are short enough to
be read by busy teachers but still contain enough real expertise to
make them very valuable. They are very well edited!"

Over 600 teachers within the Affinity Alliance will now get access to the one of the largest, best practice libraries available, covering all key areas of a school's work - classroom pedagogy, school leadership, SEND, ICT/Computing, professional development and the learning environment.

Teachers and governors will also be alerted when the library is updated by IM's acclaimed CPD magazines such as; Creative Teaching and Learning, School Leadership Today, Professional Development Today andEvery Child Journal.

The platform also sends out Knowledge Banks - themed collections of articles on such issues as Mentoring and Coaching or Information Literacy in schools. These are often requested by schools and give leadership teams and teachers rapid access to in-depth knowledge supporting classroom or whole school strategies. Members are also sent Project-Based Learning Resources to support project work on different areas of interest, such as 'Pole to Pole' or 'Who's Running The Country'?

The PLC service will also, after January, launch an advice service and a series of online professional assessment tools.


Please view a PowerPoint presentation about IM’s Professional Learning Community here


For a free one month trial to the Professional Learning Community service

please contact Sandie Ghose at: sandie@imaginativeminds.co.uk

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In this period of budget constraints this is one offer that you can't afford to miss!

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