NUT backs ballot on strike action


Schools in England face the possibility of strike action this summer after the National Union of Teachers overwhelmingly backed a ballot on industrial action to oppose the government’s education white paper, reports The Guardian.

If a ballot is passed by NUT members in five weeks time, any strike would probably take place in July, after A-levels and GCSE exams have been completed to avoid disruption.

Debs Gwynn, a delegate from Morton in Derbyshire, said: “If this white paper goes through and becomes law, we will have no negotiation rights, we will have no national pay and conditions agreements, and we will have no local authorities.

"Instead, each school will have to go and buy services in separately from the private sector and that is exactly what this white paper is about.”

The motion also calls for the NUT to approach the other teaching unions with an eye to combined action, including joint strikes, in an effort to put pressure on the government.

A spokesman for the Department of Education said: “It’s disappointing that the NUT would rather play politics with our children’s future than work constructively with us to deliver our vision for educational excellence everywhere.

“As set out in our white paper we are determined to continue with our vision to ensure every single child has the best possible education, as well as raising the status of the profession. It would be refreshing to see the NUT doing likewise.”