Government launches new national safety tool


The government has launched an online tool to help parents prepare their children for adult life.

The website is a collaboration between The Parent Zone and CEOP and includes a whole range of useful articles written by contributors such as the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, Brook, YoungMinds, Place2Be and Stonewall.

Although aimed at parents, schools might find it is a useful resource bank for them too. The articles cover a wide range of problems and answer a number of questions that are not specific to parents. The articles are practical and offer realistic advice for 21st century living.

The sections covered include:

  • Digital – Apps and social media, online identity, filters, coding and computing, gaming, illegal content, boundaries and reporting
  • Sex and relationships – difficult conversations, pornography, coming out as LGBTQ, abusive relationships, consent, contraception and pregnancy
  • Health and wellbeing – mental health, self-harm, suicide, bullying, eating disorders, body image, gambling, drugs, alcohol, violent extremism, gangs and female genital cutting
  • Family life – developmental stages, parenting styles, legal and money
  • Education and the future – leaving school, homework, STEM subjects and moving to secondary schools

The articles provide lots of basic information and do not place unrealistic pressure on parents to accomplish the impossible. They encourage dialogue between children and parents to help them find middle ground from which the child can stay safe.

Altogether, there are 140 articles, and they are very good signposting material for when parents express concern and are seeking advice.

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