First National Youth Film Festival launched


A nationwide programme of free film screenings and related activities for children aged five to 19 has been launched, which will take place between October21st and November 8th.

It follows the news that the British Film Institute has awarded lottery funding of £26 million over 5 years for a comprehensive programme of film education to be made available to every child in the UK - the largest investment in film education ever seen in the UK.

Building on the success of National Schools Film Week which ran until 2012, the festival will be an annual celebration of film and cinema, enabling young people right across the UK to enjoy a wide variety of films and learn about film making and the film industry.

The National Youth Film Festival gives schools and teachers the opportunity to take their pupils to the cinema for free and use film as an innovative learning tool. Along with screenings of a diverse array of films, young people from all walks of life will be able to immerse themselves in a host of activities to inspire a life-long passion for film, including interactive workshops about film and filmmaking, Q&A sessions with industry professionals, screenings of work by young filmmakers, awards ceremonies and pupil premieres.

Teaching resources and post screening discussions will enable teachers to use screenings for educational purposes to complement topics in the curriculum, develop review writing and critical skills, or teach pupils about film and filmmaking.

The new programme for watching, making and learning about film, of which the National Youth Film Festival is a key part, will be available to every child and school in the UK and will be delivered by Film Nation UK. The BFI is investing £26 million of Lottery funds over four years so that every five to 19 year-old in the UK has the opportunity to receive film education.

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