LGBT+ issues could be taught in school sex education



 Issues surrounding sexuality and different genders could be taught in classrooms for the first time ever as part of the biggest shake-up of relationships and sex education (RSE) in almost 20 years.


Parents, teachers and pupils themselves are being called upon by the government to help shape a new RSE curriculum that will equip young people with the knowledge they need to properly navigate the pitfalls of modern living.

An eight-week consultation has been launched by the Government giving people a chance to have their say on the inclusion of issues like sexting, pornography, mental wellbeing.

 Mr Tatchell, who has been an activist and LGBT+ rights campaigner for 40 years, said that the introduction of LGBT+ issues into the school curriculum was long overdue.

"LGBT+ pupils are some of the most vulnerable and under-served pupils in the school system," he said. "They mostly lack affirmation of their identity and the provision of life-saving safer-sex advice. Nearly half suffer bullying, which can have negative knock-on effects, including truancy, academic under-achievement, depression, anxiety and self-harm."

January 2018