Heads Should lose obsession with league tables – New Ofsted Chief


"Headteachers who restrict the curriculum and exclude pupils from exams to keep up their league results are doing their pupils a disservice", the new Ofsted Director, Amanda Spielman told educators at her first official speech since the general election.

“If you are putting more resources into providing exam scribes than into teaching, your strugglers to read and write, or scrapping most of your curriculum through Year 6 to focus on just English and Maths…then you are probably doing most of your students a disservice."

Amanda Spielman told the audience at Wellington College that, as the former head of the Ark chain of schools, she knew better than most how high stakes these qualifications can become to future success.

She went on to say that as a result too many schools in England put their league table results above pupil interests, with the pressure to boost grades overtaking important learning issues.

“Heads should stop placing so much emphasis on league tables and concentrate on giving children all round education”, she added.

She also pledged to increase the scale and intensity of teaching core British values to divert children from political extremism.  Ofsted was going to look at where this sort of teaching was being done well, "So that others who have struggled with these requirements can build on their work”.

But she was unable to say how the promotion of such values would be assessed by Ofsted inspectors.

July 2017

School Leadership Today